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Are there any ex-Washington Ballet dancers here?

Guest Philip

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Hi. I'm Philip S. Rosemond. I was in the original Washington Ballet in their preseason and inaugural seasons from 75 thru 79 when I left to go dance In NY and around the country. I danced a lot of Cho San Goh's early ballets. I am also a graduate of the academy.

If you know me please respond. Here's what I've been up to: a year and a half ago, I moved back into the area after a 25 year absence. I am greatefully retired now. I danced for 8 ballet companies (including and after WB) and have taught at countless schools and run several schools and companies, incl. several universities. I'm done with dance as even a part time gig now. I'm a curator and archivist for small art collections (My degrees are in dance performance pedagogy and art history.) There's one thing about working with art vs. dancers: art doesn't talk back!!! :innocent: I freelance teach upon occasion, but I live on my quiet family farm in VA now (and if the school that solicits me doesn't meet my fee, forget it, after 28 years teaching, forget it, I don't need or want it that much any more.)

Let me know if y'all are out there.


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Hi, Philip!

I'm sure Giannina will be by to give you the official Welcome, but in the meanwhile, if you're looking for old friends and colleagues, you might try the sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers. It used to be one and the same with this site, but the whole operation became a bit unweildy, and there are now separate sites for "Watchers" (here) and "Doers" --> here.

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