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What role(s) do you want to see some of your fav. dancers perform?


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I think she'll live up to the expectations but I don't think one will really see a "technical" Kitri like Rojo. She'll probably make a sexy and good Kitri, but perhaps not as virtuoso as some other performers like Yoshida and Rojo. Still, she'll have some amazing jumps!!

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I have come to this thread a little bit late but this is my wish list:

Altynai Asylmuratova: Giselle I would also love to see her do The Sleeping Beauty again as I thought she was wonderful as Aurora.

Ethan Stiefel also in Giselle, maybe not dancing opposite one another as I don't know how this would work.

Gelsey Kirkland in Romeo and Juliet with Anthony Dowell.

I have two more wishes that I know I will knever be able to see apart from videos,

Fonteyn in The Sleeping Beauty, in the Royal Ballets 1946 version with the Oliver Messell designs.

Nureyev in Le Corsaire. Perhaps one of his greatest roles. :)

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In repsonse to your post jcaguioa, Darcey has not danced Kitri. She has rehearsed it and got as far as a dress rehearsal but never performed it and technically I think she is more than capable of dancing the role.

Funny you mention the role of Odette. I was speaking to someone last week who watched both Tamara and Darcey dance the role back in Dec and they mentioned it was a bit like "anything you can do - I can do just as well, if not better" when Darcey performed her last SL! Stunning was the word used to describe her performance!

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Guest ballet buff

I would love to see Gelsey Kirkland dance the debut of Balanchine's Firebird when she was around 16 years old.

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I would have loved to see Farrell in any ballet, but especially Diamonds, Symphony in C, La Sonnambula, Mozartiana, and in any of the Stravinsky ballets. (I watched a video of Mozartiana at NYPL, and could not breathe it was so beautiful. I've seen it a few times at NYCB with different dancers but never had that experience.)

While back on Earth :) :

I would love to see Uliana Lopatkina dance Odette/Odile, Nykia, and the Sleepwalker; and Diana Vishneva in anything by Balanchine.

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Jenifer Ringer, Jennie Somogyi, and Ashley Bouder in just about anything! But, to name just a few for the first two (I still haven't gotten a full sense of Bouder-- I would like to see her do at NYCB her SAB role of Liberty Bell in Stars & Stripes)...

Ringer in Afternoon of a Faun, Chaconne, Scotch Symphony, In G Major (with Hubbe, please), The McBride part in Who Cares?, Farrell part in Vienna Waltzes

Somogyi in Square Dance, Theme & Variations, Allegro Brillante, Walpurgisnacht, Stars & Stripes (Liberty Bell), McBride part in Vienna Waltzes

And, for other dancers...

Meunier in the part she did at SAB: 2nd mov't Symphony in C

Hubbe in Who Cares (he hasn't done it, has he?)

Weese in Allegro Brillante


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Hubbe in Who Cares (he hasn't done it, has he?)

Actually, Amanda, he has. I'm not quite sure he had a handle on the role at the time, although I suspect the next time he does it he might find a way to make it work a bit better for him, if you can imagine "James Does Broadway."

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Johnny --

It's over a year since you posted your qestion about Carla Blanco, but I can tell you, she's in the corps here, doesn't get used much, but when she's onstage i ALWAYS see her..... Helgi used her in the small corps in Chi Lin, a ballet I don't like, but I certainly did like her -- in fact, all the dancers did well, the problem is the choreography......)

SHe's a truly wonderful dancer, modest, an art-concealing artist-- she's so good many people can't tell how good she is, for she does not advertise herself. But she's a favorite of hte judicious....

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Ringer as Giselle

J.M.Carreno in everything (Imagine a partnership of him w/ Kirkland! Whew!)

Wiles as Aurora

Ansanelli as Caroline, in pdd from Stars & Stripes, Kitri

Sandy Brown in Leaves

Corella as Apollo, Balanchine's Oberon

Real-Life Big Regret:

Missed Jeppesen's Sylph:(

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Some of my favorite choices would be:

* I second BalletNut with Viviana Durante and Irek Mukhamedov in R&J. They're brilliant together.

*Angel Corrella and Nina Ananiasvili in Don Q (never been done...yet!)

* I second pointe with Angel Corrella and Paloma Herrera in Don Q (pointe - they are to die for)

*Sylvie Guillem in Grand Pas Classique

*Altynai Asylmuratova in La Bayadere (with the exciting solo that everyone always seems to leave out!)

*Damian Woetzel and Maria Kowroski in Don Q (I know Damian has guested in the role, but I've never seen him dance it, and I can only imagine how wonderful Maria would be as Kitri)

*Darcey Bussell in Agon

And the list goes on......

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Thanks Roma and Ari. I have the video with Darcey dancing Agon with NYCB, but I have yet to see her dance it live (she is absolutely amazing even on video.) She was exceptional in Stravinsky's Violin Concerto, which may be the only Balanchine piece I've seen her dance on stage.

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I just reviewed what my wish list was, and realized that some of my wishes had come true-- and without disappointment!

I had wanted to see Hubbe and Ringer in Who Cares?, and I got to see them dance in it several times together last season. Still the highlight of 2002 for me. And seems Time Out NY agrees (that was the one NYCB highlight for them).

Interesting to go back and see what came true!


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It's very hard for me to reply to thread like this without veering into one of my favorite topics, "Casting from Hell," so you won't catch me speculating on the ideal woman to share Concerto Barocco with Irina Dvorovenko. No way at all, besides, I don't think we could convince Heather Watts to come out of retirement.

Anyway, I'd like to see Alexandra Ansanelli in Coppelia (and I'll be we will!). I'd also love to see her in Piano Concerto No. 2. Given she's such a fearless turner, she'd probably eat it up.

Janie Taylor in Choleric.

Ashley Bouder in Theme and Variations, Black Swan, Tchai Pas, well, you get the idea.

Daria Pavlenko in anything.

Monique Meunier in something! Well, Swan Lake, even though it means I'd have to see McKenzie's production again. Myrtha. I think her Kitri would be to die for, although I think this year she'd be lucky if Kevin gives her Mercedes.

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