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What role(s) do you want to see some of your fav. dancers perform?


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I'm not sure if we've ever had this posting, but I thought it would be interesting to read what some ballet fans would be interested in seeing their favorite dancers perform, or any partnerships that you would want to see in a pdd or performance. Here are some things I would like to see:

1) "La Esmeralda" pdd -- Sylvie Guillem &Manuel Legris

2) "Pas de Quatre" -- with Elizabeth Platel, Elizabeth Maurin, Carole Arbo, Fanny Gaida

3) "La Spectre de la Rose" -- with Manuel Legris and Lucia Lacarra

4) "Manon" -- with V.Malakhov & Lucia Lacarra or V.Durante & M.Legris

Any others!?!

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In an ideal world, I'd be seeing

Coppelia--Nina Ananiashvili as Swanilda

Sleeping Beauty--Ludmila Semenyaka or Fonteyn as Aurora, and Nureyev or Dowell as the Prince

La Bayadere--Yuan Yuan Tan as Nikiya, Farukh Ruzimatov as Solor, and Susan Jaffe as Gamzatti

Don Quixote--Lorena Feijoo as Kitri, Angel Corella as Basilio

Symphony In C--Suzanne Farrell and Peter Martins in 2nd movement

R&J [Macmillan]--Viviana Durante and Irek Mukhamedov

It goes without saying, but this list does not take into account such trivial matters as time or geography. smile.gif

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Guest pointe

I would love to watch Ms. Paloma Herrera perform the Don Q pas de deux with Angel Corella (I've only seen them perform on TV). Also, Darcey Bussell in Prince of the Pagodas and Nina Ananiashvili in Snow Maiden.



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I would like to see :

1. Nina Ananiashvili in Coppelia

2. Lucia Lacarra in La Dame aux Camellias by John Cranko

3. Darcey Bussel in Don Quijote

4. Elisabet Maurin in The Sleeping Beauty

5. Altynai Asylmuratova in La Valse by George Balanchine

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1. Michele Wiles as Odette/Odile, SWAN LAKE (esp. Odile)

2. Diana Vishneva as Paquita in the POB's full-length production (esp. in the Act II miming)

3. Uliana Lopatkina in any of Leslie Carrothers' old roles in Gerald Arpino ballets (such as LIGHT RAIN)

4. Rasta Thomas in *any* meaty role in a standard, full-length ballet with a top company (e.g., Lescaut in MANON or Spartacus or Crassus in the Grigorovich SPARTAK)

5. Jenifer Ringer in any Patricia McBride role that she has yet to essay, e.g., Columbine in HARLEQUINADE.

...too many others to list.

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If we are limiting this discussion to reasonable possibilities, I would love to see Peter Boal in Mozartiana and Scotch Symphony, and Emeralds, for a start! I would also love to see Rachel Rutherford in Sleeping Beauty--she seems to have such a natural and sunny elegance. And I would love to see Corella in La Fille. And I would love to see ANYBODY in Symphonic Variations!

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With all my respect to you, balletlovers in US. First, If I may, I would like to correct. "la Dame aux Camellias" is by Neumeier. It was created for Marcia Haydee for Stuttgart Ballet after Cranko's death.

And second, do you all agree that Crasus is a "meaty" role?

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You're right, of course, about La Dame aux Camelias, Katja. Thanks for the correction.

I can't answer your question about "Spartacus" very well, I'm afraid, as I've only seen Act I in a theatre. I've seem it several times, with different casts, on video, but that's harder to judge. When Maris Liepa did it, I'd say it was a meaty role, but he wasn't a kid when that was filmed :)

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Guest ballet buff

Dancers I would love to see in certain roles:

1. Abi Stafford in Square Dance

2. Carla Korbes in any ballet

3. Darci Kistler in her first show of 2nd movement Symphony in C at the age of 16

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I just came up with some performances of "jeune danseurs" that I would like to see (I wish they had this kind of POB program in all other companies...)

1) "Diana and Actaeon" pdd with Herman Cornejo (ABT) and Clara Blanco (SFB)

2) "La Sylphide" or "Flowers of Genzano" pdd with Alexandra Ansanelli (NYCB) and Guennadi Nedviguine (SFB)

3) "Les Sylphides" with Emilie Cozette (POB) and Herve Moreau (POB)

4) "Satanella" with Alina Cojocaru (RB) and Angel Corella (ABT -- even though he isn't really a "jeune danseur")

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Intresting topic! Here's my dream casts:

for Don Q,

Kitri, Tamara Rojo

Basilio, Angel Corella

Street Dancer, Marianella nunez (RB)

Q of Dryads, Alina Cojocaru

For Giselle,

Giselle,Altynai Asylmuratova

(one more time!)

Albrecht, Roberto Bolle

Myrtha,Natalia Sologub

P.S. How is Carla Blanco doing in San Fran as she was really beautiful in the Eurovision Dance Competition.


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jcaguioa -- don't you think Alina would make a perfect Amour too?

I heard that Clara Blanco is trying to recover from an injury. She will be an official corps de ballet member from this coming season.

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I don't know if it would work..

But for La Spectre de la Rose, I would love to see Nijinsky (because I have only seen photos of him) as the Rose, and.. hmm, trying to think of someone.. Kirkland as the Girl. She seems to portray such a young girlike image on stage, and I think she would be so good, especially at the end, when the Girl stretches out in longing to grab back her dream of dancing with the beautiful Rose. I think that I'd like to see Ulanova as the Girl too.. pretty. :)

Oh, and I heard something about Nureyev's L'Apres d'un Midi something Faun .. I don't know French - that would explain my taking of French I in freshman year of H.S. next year. Something doing with the Nymph's scarf.. that would be interesting to see.



(I'm sounding like some delirious girl, mentioning dancers she hasn't even seen live and only on video).

Oh, yeah! I forgot one of prettiest ballets - Firebird! I *really* want to see what Nureyev would be like at the Tartar Prince - since he himself is Tartar.. and Plisetskaya as the Firebird.. don't ask me why, because I don't know! :)

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Yes Alina would make a perfect Amour! I saw her do Titana in the Dream last night and she certainly was a "Dream".

Another Question, Anyone see diana Vishneva in her Debut as Nikya in Bayadere, She's my favourite Kirov Ballerina and i would have loved to hve seen her.Actully I'd love to see her do Corsaire, Gamzatti, and anything Balanchine! (she's that sort of ballerina!)


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I would also love to see Thomas Lund of the Royal Danish Ballet dance Alain in Ashton's Fille. He has such an expressive face, and wouldn't just turn him into a caricature.

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Hasn't Darcey done Kitri yet? I know she had to miss out several times, but i thought it was all sewn up by now.

I heard Ross Stretton has Don Q up for RB next year, so if it appears late enough we may well see her in it.

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Do you think Darcey would live up to expectations now that we have Rojo a new virtuoso ballerina to the company? I know that they are extremely different but Don Q is really a big Showstopper. Darcey suits more of the Aurora and Odette type role "Princessy" if ya like. It's sort of like wanting to see Jonathan Cope do Don Q if you get what I mean?! Ross will also bring 3 ballerinas from Austrilia so he may showcase them in the main roles too. There's a lot to see but my opinion is that I'm not sure Darcey will take the first choice of many for Kitri. She did some performancs in 94 with Solymosi.


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