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Supper and 'Sylvia' - Cheap Eats near the ROH?


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We usually eat at Pasta Brown in Bow Street (I see from their website www.pastabrown.com that they also have a restaurant in Bedford Street). Very tasty Italian food, fast service if you are eating before the show and usually they have a table available (though probably safer to book). We have also eaten at "La Ballerina" which is good but rather more expensive.

There are lots of other choices including eating outside in the piazza when the weather is nice (i.e. not at present!). One day we will really splash out and eat at the Opera House...


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There's a Cafe Rouge nearby (well, there are Cafe Rouges nearby everything) and it is quick, not too costly (for London) and you'll see lots of dancers, if that's a criterion.

Ballerina is nice for after a show--I don't generally eat too much beforehand...there are plenty of stalls and quick places to grab a quick bite, though.

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I'd also recommend Zizzi's (just across from the Opera House, overlooking the young dancer statue). It's fairly inexpensive if you stick with pizza (good - thin crust) and House Red (also good). They have a wonderful dessert rather like an apple pie - but better and with a fancier name - which they bake for you (so leave time for this) and serve hot. That's a good one to share with a friend (or friends!) as there's rather a lot of it. If you sit by the window you can sometimes spot dancers leaving rehearsal/coming in for the performance. You might want to book your table ahead of time.

Alternatively, you can buy a sandwich from Marks and Spenser (across from Covent Garden tube station) for a few pounds. (You're not supposed to bring food into the opera house but it has been known to happen.)

Buying sandwiches in the Opera House always made me feel very posh - Floral Hall is a beautiful place to eat. Prices have gone up, though, and the sandwich fillings have got too fancy for me. (They used to do a good chicken salad sandwich; the beef was nice too. Don't expect to find anything so old-fashioned in the ROH today - unless you've bought your food elsewhere and smuggled it in!) And be warned: the crisps are NOT free with your sandwich!

- Wendy

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One of my favourites (when I haven't packed my own food from home and have planned on a nice meal out) is Sapori at 43 Drury Lane, very near Zizzi. Great Italian food and just a bit more pricey than Zizzi. Also, Wagamama's is fab in my opinion, and there's one just the other side of Jubilee Market.

And now I'm getting hungry....

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