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Return of Volochkova - Oct 16 Myrtha, Giselle

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The current Bolshoi website castlists indicate that Anastasia Volochkova will dance Myrtha in a lone performance of Giselle - Grigorovich version, on Oct. 16.

Also interesting is the fact that both Svetlana Lunkina and Nikolai Tsiskaridze are slated to dance many performances in Moscow, while the overwhelming majority of stars are touring North America. Lunkina is dancing a number of 'Grigorovich Giselles' ...while the main troupe dances the Vasiliev 'Giselle' in Mexico! She will also dance in a number of Sylphides and Roland Petit Double-Bill performances

As I mentioned in another post, Tsiskaridze is dancing his signature role in the Roland Petit 'Queen of Spades'. He's also dancing James and Albrecht on various days, while the main troupe is in N.Am.

Also interesting...

Svetlana Zakharova WILL be dancing in Moscow, while the main troupe is in North America. She's now scheduled to dance the Grigorovich Giselle on Oct 26.

None of these artists is scheduled to dance in the USA or Mexico.

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