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Bolshoi N.Am. - Poklitaru Romeo & Juliet reviews


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I saw the R&J this opening night at Zellerbach. Even though I think it is a fantastic performance, looks to me it is kind of waste of talents for the group members. It might be a showoff for the choreographer. corps de ballet seems to be kind of organic prop to me..

I was sitting at left tier 1 row, which was by the side of Orchastra, it was so close to the stage and you can even have the eye contact with dancers. Even though a small portion of the stage was blocked, I was glad that most of the major events occurred at my side of the stage.

Maria is a great dramatic actress, I felt her facial expression so in tune with the music, she is very into the role. Even the last scene when she is senseless dragged by Romeo on the floor, her arms are so lifeless and helpless. Compare to her, Denis is just a cute boy...

Could anyone tell me what is the funny music when all the girls dressed in green police uniform? Is it from the original music? The music sounds like recording since it came from the speaker.

I am looking forward to the Raymonda this Sunday...

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