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Bolshoi N.Am. -'Raymonda' reviews/comments

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This is addressed to Paul Parish of Post #24.

I happen to concur altogether with what you say in this post, namely that one can't really compare the work of a principal (any principal) who performs the dances of a three-act ballet lasting some two or more hours, with the work of a soloist who may perform a variation lasting no more than a minute (as some of Petipa's do).

I don't think I have commited such an offense. The isssue that bothers me is that

you have put my name on a quote-- which I quoted from Jack Reed's Post #22.

I DID NOT SAY IT, I MERELY QUOTED IT and commented on it.

My problem was that I didn't use the Quote software correctly, so that the originator's

name never appeared on the quote of my post. That was my fault and I'm sorry for it, because it may have led you to believe that it was my thought.

It is not. Hopefully this clarifies the picture.

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Thanks Chiapuris --

I too am AWFUL at manipulating the quote feature --

I did not realize I had made it atribute the quote to you....

And i also apologize to everybody for the "severity" f my style. I did not mean to sound severe. I was just trying to figure out how to say what I meant. I should prbably have softened it....

I did LOVE the Bolshoi's Raymonda. And I did think Antonicheva was lovely -- she danced the opening night in Berkeley, and there are several problems with that stage -- first it is so small -- she had to rein herself in at every point. And it's a rather hard stage. And of sou\rse, it's not raked.

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Well, it's true, Krysanova WAS fabulous.

But.... Raymonda is a MUCH more difficult role than Krysanova's [the second dream scene variation] -- it's generally admitted to be the most difficult ballerina role of all. She does so much unsupported dancing. Raymonda has 6 or 7 solos in every style, they exploit every aspect of the techniquefrom big jumps to hops on pointe to hops in deep arabesque fondu to extremely exposed solo adagio -- she piques to arabesque, rolls down into fondu with the back leg at 100 degrees, then steps straight backwards onto pointe in passe, rolls down into fondu, repeats that, then takes one tiny extra step and repeats ALL THAT on the other side, at an extremely slow tempo. And that's only the adage.

Paul, with the Mariinsky bringing their Raymonda to the US this year this observation may be very interesting. Are there any others who would like to comment on it?

Moderators: It just occurred to me that it might be better to place such references as these at the Mariinsky 2015 US & Canada Tour


or a new Mariinsky US Raymonda topic and link back to here.

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