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Ashton Trust

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On Friday night Tony Dyson, to whom Frederick Ashton left Enigma Variations and Monotones, announced the formation of an Ashton Trust, whose membership will consist initially of the owners of the rights to the Ashton ballets. In addition to Tony Dyson, they include Wendy Ellis Somes, Derek Rencher, Phoebe Fonteyn, Anthony Dowell, Alexander Grant and Anthony Russell-Roberts.

This is excellent news - and an admirable tribute to Ashton's memory on the day of his centenary.

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This is great news. I always felt the lack of a trust for Ashton was one of the reasons his works were not more prevalent. His works come in all sorts of styles and sizes and really can be done by a wide group of companies. A trust can help promote his works to companies, the way the Balanchine Trust does.

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