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Bolshoi on Tour 04-05


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Natalia, Stanislavsky Ballet is homeless now because their home theatre is closed for reparation. So the Stanislavske Ballet performs in other Moscow auditoriums, including Bolshoi’s New Stage. In the Bolshoi schedule it always written if the performance is done by the Stanislavsky Ballet. The Bolshoi and The Stanislavsky companies never mix.

The same with Grigorovitch Ballet in Mariinsky Theatre – the tour of Grigorovitch Company was advertised long before it take place, so it was clear what company will dance.

In the case of foreigners who cannot understand Russian the mistakes is quite possible of course.

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Alexandra, Inga knows that I'm fluent in Russian. The problem is with the ordinary tourist in Russia, who buys expensive 'foreigner tickets' to these theaters, expecting to see the home companies with home stars, only to find out, during a performance, that he is seeing substitutes from Krasnodar or Perm. [Again, not to belittle those cities' troupes, which I happen to find fascinating to watch, in their own right...but they don't hold the mystique or cache, in the minds of ordinary foreign visitors, that do the Kirov-Mariinsky and Bolshoi troupes.]

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Marc, Inga, Ina, et. al.: Now that Stepanenko has been injured, do you know who will replace her on tour? This development might throw a 'wrench' into the above castings....mix things up a bit if 'ballerina A' must now replace 'ballerina B' & so on.....it could be Alexandrova in place of Stepanenko, for example...and those expecting to see Alexandrova in a certain performance may get, say, Gracheva instead.

I've asked the good folks at the Wang Center's press office for an update, which I'll share with you, if I get it before traveling to Boston.

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Here's the latest Boston casting, from our friends at the Wang Center. Alas, Stepanenko is out. On the plus side, Boston will now be treated to Gracheva's stunning Raymonda. Incidentally, Gracheva was given the honor of the Opening Night 'Swan lake' at the Bolshoi Theater, last month. In Russia, it is truly a huge deal to be given the honor of opening either the Bolshoi or the Mariinsky ballet seasons...almost an unofficial title of 'Prima Ballerina of the Year.'

Casting for Boston, October 6-10:

10/6, 7:30pm - Raymonda

Raymonda: Nadezhda Gracheva

Jean de Brienne: Sergey Filin

Abderakhman: Dmitri Belogolovtsev

10/7, 7:30pm - Raymonda

Raymonda: Mariya Allash

Jean de Brienne: Volchkov

Abderakhman: Renat Arifulin

10/8, 7:30pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Maria Alexandrova

Basil: Yuri Klevtsov

10/9, 7:30pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Nadezhda Gracheva

Basil: Sergey Filin

10/10, 3pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Anna Antonicheva

Basil: Dmitri Belogolovtsev

More to come.

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Hi to everybody.

I received a slightly different version of the cast.


1. 6 oct "Raymonda" - Gracheva-Filin-Belogolovtsev

2. 7 oct "Raymonda" - Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

3. 8 oct "Don Quixote" - Alexandrova-Filin

4. 9 oct "Don Quixote" - Gracheva-Klevtsov

5. 10 oct "Don Quixote" - Antonicheva-Belogolovtsev

Mexico City

6. 13 oct "Giselle" - Gracheva-Filin

7. 14 oct "Giselle" - Antonicheva-Skvortsov

8. 15 oct "Giselle" - Gracheva-Filin

9. 16 oct "Raymonda" - Allash-Volchkov-Belogolovtsev

10. 17 oct, mat "Raymonda" - Antonicheva-Filin-Klevtsov

11. 17 oct "Raymonda" - Allash-Volchkov-Belogolovtsev

12. 18 oct "Raymonda" - Gracheva-Skvortsov-Klevtsov

13. 19 oct "Giselle" - Antonicheva-Volchkov


14. 22 oct "Romeo" - Mes'kova-Godovsky

15. 23 oct "Don Quixote" - Alexandrova-Filin

16. 24 oct, mat "Don Quixote"- Shipulina-Belogolovtsev

17. 24 oct "Don Quixote" - Antonicheva-Klevtsov


18. 27 oct "Romeo" - Alexandrova-Savin

19. 28 oct "Romeo" - Mes'kova-Godovsky

20. 29 oct "Don Quixote" - Gracheva-Belogolovtsev

21. 30 oct, mat "Don Quixote" - Antonicheva-Klevtsov

22. 30 oct "Don Quixote" - Alexandrova-Filin

23. 31 oct "Don Quixote" - Shipulina-Belogolovtsev


24. 3 nov "Romeo" - Alexandrova-Savin

25. 4 nov "Romeo" - Mes'kova-Godovsky

26. 5 nov "Raymonda" - Antonicheva-Filin-Belogolovtsev

27. 6 nov, mat "Raymonda" - Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

28. 6 nov "Raymonda" - Gracheva-Skvortsov-Klevtsov

29. 7 nov, mat "Raymonda" - Antonicheva-Filin-Belogolovtsev


30. 10 nov "Don Quixote" - Alexandrova-Filin

31. 11 nov "Don Quixote" - Shipulina-Klevtsov

32. 12 nov "Raymonda" - Gracheva-Skvortsov-Belogolovtsev

33. 13 nov, mat "Raymonda" - Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

34. 13 nov "Raymonda" - Antonicheva-Filin-Klevtsov

35. 14 nov "Raymonda" - Gracheva-Skvortsov-Belogolovtsev

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"Por fin!" is one headline....At last! The Bolshoi returns to Mexico after a 20-yr absence. For those who read Spanish, here is a preview piece on the Bolshoi's appearances in Mexico City, from the local newspaper El Universal:


This is the only stop on the tour where 'Giselle' will be performed.

Another piece...with historical factoids:


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The 3rd stop on the tour is Minneapolis...beginning tonight with the (tah-dah!) Poklitaru Romeo & Juliet. Here are the 'season preview' pieces from the local press.

Minnesota Daily:


Minneapolis City Pages:


Here are two previews from Seattle, the 4th stop on the tour (beg. Oct. 27):

Seattle Times:


Seattle Post-Intelligencer:


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I have a favor to ask: would someone in Seattle who is seeing the Don Q & someone in Berkeley who is seeing the Raymonda look at his/her watch at the end of the performance & tell me the running times, please?

I don't like to eat before the performance as I tend to get all snoozy & Chicago isn't loaded with late dining choices except for room service so I'd need to call around & reserve.

Thank you in advance.

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Raymonda was about the same. A very long first act...almost an hour. Then 2 more acts. I went yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and didn't care for it much except the last act which is glorious. Took my 13 year old grandson: his first ballet. Bad choice.


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Raymonda was about the same.  A very long first act...almost an hour.  Then 2 more acts.  I went yesterday afternoon (Sunday) and didn't care for it much except the last act which is glorious.  Took my 13 year old grandson:  his first ballet.  Bad choice. 


Giannina -

Oh dear...well, at least it wasn't 'Romeo & Juliet'!

Yes - the Russian companies use practically every note of Glazunov's score...a very long ballet, indeed, unless you've seen it enough times to relish all of the choreographic set pieces in Acts I & II. My personal fave is the classical pas de six in the middle of Act II that includes a majestic adage for Raymonda, her four friends & Abderakhman; Raymonda is lifted in a 'sitting' position near the end of this adagio...it brings chills to me! This section in Act II also includes the delightful solos for Raymonda's female friends, Henriette & Clemence. Unfortunately, there is too much 'stage business' in between the pure-dance moments!

Have you seen ABT's newest version? I haven't yet...but heard that it is condensed into two mostly-dancing acts. That may be a better intro to 'Raymonda' for American audiences. Just guessing.

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