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Bolshoi on Tour 04-05


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In the Moscow Times article in Links, Stults says,

On the schedule for Minneapolis, Seattle and Berkeley, but apparently not yet certain to be performed, is the Bolshoi's ultramodern staging of Sergei Prokofiev's "Romeo and Juliet," which premiered on the theater's New Stage last December.

Argh! I have tickets for one of the two scheduled performances of R&J in Seattle, and was going to bite the bullet and purchase one for Don Quixote as well, but if they are not going to perform R&J, I won't take the chance of two performances of Don Q in one week :wub:

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BOSTON, Wang Center

6 Oct Raymonda Stepanenko-Filin-Belogolovzev

7 Oct Raymonda Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

8 Oct DQ Alexandrova-Klevzov

9 Oct DQ Gracheva-Filin

10 Oct DQ Antonicheva-Belogolovtsev

MINNEAPOLIS, Northrop Auditorium

22 Oct Romeo Meskova-Godovsky-Petukhov-Klevtsov

23 Oct DQ Alexandrova-Filin

24 Oct DQ-mat. Shipulina-Belogolovtsev

24 Oct DQ-ev. Stepanenko-Klevtsov

SEATTLE, Paramount Theatre

27 Oct Romeo Alexandrova-Savin-Medvedev-Klevtsov

28 Oct Romeo Meskova-Godovsky-Petukhov-Lavrenyk

29 Oct. DQ Stepanenko-Klevtsov

30 Oct. DQ Gratcheva-Filin

31 Oct. DQ-mat. Shipulina-Belogolovtsev

BERKELEY, Zellerbach Auditorium

3 Nov Romeo Alexandrova-Savin-Medvedev-Klevtsov

4 Nov Romeo Meskova-Godovsky-Petukhov-Klevtsov

5 Nov Raymonda Antonicheva-Filin-Belogolovtsev

6 Nov Rayonda-mat Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

6 Nov Raymonda Gracheva-Skvortsov-Klevtsov

7 Nov Raymonda-mat Stepanenko-Filin-Belogolovtsev

CHICAGO, Auditorium Theatre

10 Nov. DQ Stepanenko-Klevtsov

11 Nov DQ Alexandrova-Filin

12 Nov Raymonda Gratcheva-Skvortsov-Belogolovtsev

13 Nov Raymonda-mat. Allash-Volchkov-Arifulin

13 Nov Raymonda Antonicheva-Filin-Klevtsov

14 Nov Raymonda-mat Gratcheva-Skvortsov-Belogolovtsev

(Courtesy of the Bolshoi Theatre press office)

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Yes, thanks so much for the casting news. I'm also going to miss Alexandrova in Boston, I got tickets to 3 performances and still managed to miss the one she's cast in!

However I am looking forward to seeing Gracheva, Allash, Stepanenko, Filin and Volchkov :(

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I think this may be circumstance rather than plan, wanderer1. I don't know what the story is with Zakharova, but Ananiashvili isn't dancing anywhere this fall. The other two best known names in the US, Lunkina and Tsiskaridze, both were absent from the stage for a while with illness or injury and I'm not sure they're back. Marc will know better.

And if we haven't yet done it, welcome to Ballet Talk!

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To me, it looks like a mix. There are some who've been principals for several years but I don't think are over the hill yet (Filin, Gracheva, Antonicheva); some younger (Alexandrova, Allash) and a few older. Some names aren't familiar to me, so I don't know whether they're early or late career. I think they try to have two complete companies (and have the personnel to do this), a strong one at home and a strong one to tour. But I hope others more familiar with the company will comment.

I echo Leigh's welcome, Wanderer1. Glad you wandered by :(

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As Leigh suggests, it is more circumstance. Svetlana Zakharova is busy guesting elswhere in this period; Tsiskaridze is slowly coming back from his injury and it makes sense if he doesn't join the tour. Lunkina is coming back from maternity leave.

On paper this is really not a bad group - It could be that they try to have two, but then I'd much prefer seeing this touring group than the one that's left behind in Moscow :( .

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Thanks, Marc. I'm still waiting for the Wang Center's own press release.

I'm also surprised that neither Zakharova nor Lunkina is on the roster. Perhaps Zakharova is guesting elsewhere and Lunkina is not quite back in shape following maternity leave?

No, it's not as if part of the 'A-list' company is being kept back home. This is a full-scale major tour, with the bulk of the company in the USA. No major ballets are scheduled at the Bolshoi during October. Instead, it's the usual 'Sylphides' and 'Chippolinos' that require much smaller corps, with the leading roles danced by guests from other Moscow troupes.

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I have just received this from the Wang Center/Boston. It confirms what Marc received from the Bolshoi.

***updated by Wang Center since my original posting

Casting for Boston, October 6-10:

10/6, 7:30pm - Raymonda

Raymonda: Galina Stepanenko

Jean de Brienne: Sergey Filin

*Abderakhman: Dmitry Belogolovtsev

10/7, 7:30pm - Raymonda

*Raymonda: Maria Allash

*Jean de Brienne: Alexander Volchkov

*Abderakhman: Rinat Arifulin

10/8, 7:30pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Maria Alexandrova

*Basil: Yury Klevtsov

10/9, 7:30pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Nadezhda Gracheva

Basil: Sergey Filin

10/10, 3pm - Don Quixote

Kitri: Anna Antonicheva

*Basil: Dmitry Belogolovtsev

*Note change from original announcement.

All casting is subject to change.


This last line makes me chuckle. Judging by the history of past Bolshoi (or Kirov-Mariinsky) tours, I would venture to guess that some casting is GUARANTEED to change. :( Hopefully not. This is a fine line-up of stars.

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This may be a loaded question, but,

"7 Nov Raymonda-mat Stepanenko-Filin-Belogolovtsev" -- worth a trip from Seattle to Berkeley?

(I'm going to see the company perform Romeo and Juliet and Don Q in Seattle, and Stepanenko-Klevtsov are the intended cast in the latter.)

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Natalia, Lunkina became mother last winter and she still didn’t return onstage. Her performance was scheduled in September, but she was replaced by another ballerina; In October she also scheduled for several performances, I hope she will dance. So it’s natural that she will not tour.

When part of the company will be in USA, in Moscow the Bolshoi will show “small” ballets, but there will not be any guests from other Moscow troupes as far as I know. Whom do you mean? The only guest will be POB’s etoile Laurent Hilaire who will dance Giselle with Zakharova.

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Inga, I have seen members of the Stanislavsky company perform in the new theater, during the past few months. Sometimes they even substitute an entire non-Bolshoi corps! It isn't done purposely to deceive but, I know, a few American friends have felt deceived that they had spent top-dollar to see the Bolshoi troupe at one of the Bolshoi theaters, only to find out that they were not seeing 'the real Bolshoi.' [Not that the Stanislavsky Theater troupe isn't wonderful in its own right...but it is not the Bolshoi that tourists paying 'big bucks' expect to see when going to the Bolshoi Theater.]

A similar thing occurred last August in St Petersburg, when some friends of mine felt robbed when they paid to see the Kirov-Mariinsky in their home theater and ended up seeing the Yuri Grigorovich troupe -- which isn't even a Petersburg company -- instead.

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