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2004-2005 Roster


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BalletGirl: The two girls listed on the website for BBII are girls who are doing a repeat year in BBII. The additional dancers this year are as follows: Daniel Benavides, Megan Gray, Katherine Hartsell, Catherine Rinko-Gay, Danny Scott, Heather Waymack, Elizabeth Wisenberg and Roman Zavarov. Hope that helps. i believe the roster for the main company is mostly updated, however I could be wrong.

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Roman was a student at the Boston Ballet School for two years. Katherine Hartsell was a student for not quite one year. They were both in the spring performances and performed the Swan Lake Pas de Trois with another dancer from the school, Janine Roynayne (spelling), who is now dancing at Sarasota Ballet. Katherine was not in Mozartiana last year. The students in Mozartiana were younger students. Katherine, I believe, is 19 or 20, but I'm not sure.

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To Fendrock. ..

I believe you are thinking about Olivia Hartzel who was in mozartiana.I think she is still a little too young for BII at he moment...

As for the rest of the Website, it is still under construction."The mom " was correct in her information about katherine and Roman,...

In terms of the main company, I believe there is another male joining soon. He is from Dance Theatre of Harlem which makes me happy because the company will have at least one African American dancer in it. I was a bit concerned after Erika Lambe "retired" .It seemed a bit odd that Mikko would let her retire and not have any African Americans to fill her spot.So if this person shows up, my fears are quelled for the moment....Of course it remains to be seen what kind of dancer he is and whether they'll use him, but at least there is one...

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