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POB and ROH Gala to celebrate "Entente Cordiale"


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At Paris, september 29 will be a gala to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Entente Cordiale, it will be with POB etoile and ROH principals.

Program will the following, cast are under modifications as usual :dry: !

Etudes (Czerny, Lander) with Agnès Letestu, Jean-Guillaume Bart and José Martinez


Ashton's pdd and pd3

Midsummer's night dream : Cojocaru, Kobborg

Thais pdd : Galeazzi, Legris

Monotones : Gillot, Bonelli, Watson

Five Brahms dance : Yanowsky (but Tamara Rojo announced on her official website she was dancing this one, is she injuried, or does exist a mistake in this programm, I don't know)

Sleeping Beauty : Bussell, Hilaire

Cinderella, act II pdd : Dupont, Cope

Deux pigeons : tba

Voices of Spring : Benjamin, Acosta


Marguerite and Armand with Sylvie Guillem, Nicolas Le Riche and Anthony Dowell

For Deux pigeons, pdd, I don't know if they will make a mixed royal/tnop pdd or a roh pdd alone. Laetitia Pujol and Mathieu Ganio are not cast as well as Elisabeth Maurin and Clairemarie Osta but she just have their baby and Kader Belarbi !

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Thanks Françoise for the info. Do you think the programme can live up to expectations considering sky-high ticket prices? No disrespect to any one, but M&A will be a complete turn-off for me....... At Covent Garden this summer this ballet will be staged as part of the week-long Sylvie Guillem programme. Do Parisian audience love this work? Personally I would have wanted to see dancers from both camps in one grand ballet - in digested/concise version or something.....

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I adore Marguerite and Armand, I love this style of dance, the music. I love Sylvie Guillem in this part more than in the classical ballet, against I prefer Massimo Murru as Armand than Nicolas Le Riche.

Against the opinion abouth this ballet is very shared in Parisian audience, some people adore other dislike very much this kind of ballet. It's a French Tradition to dislike English ballets and English dancers, for me I don't know very good english dancers, but I know I adore the English repertory of Ashton, MacMillan !

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