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Baryshnikov pic in W

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W’s current issue (the one with Scarlett Johansson on the cover) has a photograph of Baryshnikov circa 1978 in his Don Quixote costume. He’s in profile, pensively puffing away on a cigarette. Not the most flattering shot of him I've ever seen. About a paragraph’s worth of text.

(Showbiz Age Discrimination Watch: Three actors are featured in the issue. Johansson, age 19; Sienna Miller (no, you’ve never heard of her; chief claim to fame is being Jude Law’s current squeeze), age 24 or thereabouts; and Denzel Washington, age 50. That aging crone Nicole Kidman better watch her back. :))

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Is Kidman old, or just old-hat? When stars (e.g. K. Hepburn -- or A. Hepburn, for that matter) have important personalities, we don't lose interest so quickly, creating a vacuum to be filled by ever newer (i.e., younger) commodities.

Or am I just slipping into fogeyhood? :innocent: :shrug:

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