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Ballet Austin, A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Ballet Austin brought the first act of Stephen Mills' "A Midsummer Night's Dream" to the Kennedy Center Terrace Theatre tonight -- it's part of a series the Center has for families. LOTS of kids in the audience, a whole band of little girls who came in together, all with ribbons and sparkles in their hair. There were a lot of young elementary school children, so young (I am not making this up) they oohed when the Changeling Indian Boy came out!

I hadn't seen Mills's choreography before. There were references to both the Ashton and Balanchine versions and the vocabulary was Balanchinean. I thought the choreography for the small band of fairies (led by a kind of Head Fairy, named Cupid) was interesting; Mills' native language is ballet. The Lovers segment was very slapstick, but much of it was quite funny. There was quite a bit of mime, quite clearly delivered. The dancers are what one would expect to see in a small company -- the women better than the men (several of the men looked as though they'd gotten late starts), but most with a technical or physical flaw. (Titiana had karate arms.)

I wondered if anyone else had seen any of Mills' work?

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