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I thought I remembered seeing this on video, possibly with Vergie Derman in the female role, but I've searched my collection, Amazon & DVD Talk and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone else remember this, or was I dreaming? Any help would be appreciated.



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to the best of my knowledge the MONOTONES video you're thinking of - see below - was never released commercially. it was telecast here as the library entry notes as a salute to the u.s. in honor of our bi-centennial. you may have had an off-the-air copy, but, as noted, i don't think it ever made it to commercial distribution.

The Royal Ballet salutes the U.S.A. 1978.

(140 min.) : sd., color

Notes: Performance by the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, telecast live by satellite on WNEW-TV/Channel 5, New York on July 22, 1978. A BBC presentation in association with Metromedia Television, New York. Producer: Brian Large. Television directors: Colin Nears, Bob Lockyer, and Brian Large. Host: Gene Kelly.

CONTENTS. - Elite syncopations. Choreography: Kenneth Macmillan. Music: Scott Joplin. Costumes: Ian Spurling. Performed by Vergie Derman, Monica Mason, Alfreda Thorogood, Michael Colemen, Wayne Eagling, Stephen Jefferies, Wayne Sleep, Jennifer Penney, and Derek Deane. Four Schumann pieces Choreography: Hans van Manen. Music: Robert Schumann (String quartet in A major, op. 41, no. 3) Designer: Jean Paul Vroom. Performed by Anthony Dowell, Jennifer Penney, Wayne Eagling, Lesley Collier, Julian Hosking, Wendy Ellis, Michael Corder, Marguerite Porter, Mark Silver, Wendy Groombridge, and Derek Deane. - La fille mal gardée: Fanny Elssler pas de deux. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: Ferdinand Hérold. Performed by Wendy Ellis and Michael Coleman. The sleeping beauty: Bluebird and Princess Florine pas de deux. Choreography: Marius Petipa. Music: Petr Chaikovskii. Performed by Jennifer Penney and Wayne Eagling. Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: Percy Grainger. Performed by Lesley Collier, Wayne Sleep, and Graham Fletcher. Monotones II. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: Erik Satie. Performed by Vergie Derman, Derek Deane, and Mark Silver. Brahms waltzes in the manner of Isadora Duncan. Choreography: Frederick Ashton. Music: Johannes Brahms. Performed by Lynn Seymour. Solo piano: Philip Gammon.

: Romeo and Juliet: Balcony pas de deux Choreography: Kenneth Macmillan. Music: Sergei Prokof'ev. Performed by Lesley Collier and Anthony Dowell. - Brief commentary by Clive Barnes at end.

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Thanks for the info. I guess I must have caught this on TV at some point, maybe tuned into a Dance NY or PBS broadcast in the middle because I don't remember some of the other pieces that are listed. After seeing Monotones at the Ashton Festival I was really looking forward to watching the tape again, so it's a shame that it doesn't exist!

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