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David Vaughan's Ashton Chronology is now on line!

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We've just opened a new site:

The Ballets of Frederick Ashton: A Chronology

This is the back matter from Vaughan's book, "Frederick Ashton and his Ballets," which he updates every time there is a new production of an Ashton work, or a ballet is taken into repertory in another company.

Vaughan lists whole works, predominanetly ballets, of course, but also operas and plays which Ashton directed or -- there are 164 of them, at quick count. He doesn't list every dance in a revue or full-length ballet as a separate item, but as part of the work.

We'll be adding other Ashton material here eventually. The Chronology still needs some work, but I wanted to open it if people needed to look up a ballet during the Ashton Festival.

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