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NYC Summerstage Tribute

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Free Balanchine Centennial Tribute at Summerstage in Central Park on the 27th and 28th of July.

Summerstage Balanchine Tribute


Artist: George Balanchine

Date & Time: 7/27/2004 8:30 PM (and 7/28)

Gates Open: 7:30 PM

Genre: Dance


A special tribute to the foremost ballet choreographer of the 20th century. The all-Balanchine program features Apollo, and Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux, and excerpts from Agon, Who Cares?, and Stars and Stripes; performed by principal dancers from American Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and New York City Ballet. Choreographies by George Balanchine. The George Balanchine Trust. Balanchine is a trademark of The George Balanchine Trust.


Anyone know how early you need to go to get on line to get in?


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The web site says 90 minutes before the show is the usual time to line up. I haven't been to a concert in the park in a long time - and even then it was for a rock concert and everybody sat (actually, stood) on the grass. I hope it is not like that. I've had bad experiences with outdoor venues for dance. Last year's Caramor Fest. with Boal and Co. was a problem. The theater was made for music, so there was no incline and, unless you were sitting right in front, you couldn't see. I'd rather not go, then sit for an hour trying to get a glimpse of the performance through a sea of heads.

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Wow, it's like four or five years since I was last at Summerstage (Parsons Dance Co.). It may have changed, but then it was a stage set in front of a lawn. We sat on the grass. If it rains, you get wet. Kinda along the lines of the Philharmonic in the Park, exc. at Summerstage, you can see the performers.

Best route: Enter at 72nd St. from either 5th Ave. or CPW. It's near the wisteria Pergola.

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Time Out New York reported on the lineup: DTH will perform Apollo (with Alicia Graf as Terpsichore); Millepied and Ringer do the Stars and Stripes pas de deux), Kowroski and Soto perform the Agon pas de deux; Murphy and Stiefel take on the Tchaikovsky pas de deux; and then dancers from ABT and NYCB perform excerpts from Who Cares?, including Teresa Reichlen.

I wonder if they will do the Clap Yo' Hands ending of Who Cares? According to the latest issue of Ballet Review, when a similar group did last year in Moscow, the Who Cares? performance ended with that rarely performed section.

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The website said that performances go on "rain or shine". I decided to pass tonight - I'm not willing to sit in the rain! Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow.

Good God, I can't imagine anybody could dance in this amazing torrent of rain and thunder (unless they're reviving The Flood). What a storm! It's been years since I've been to anything at Summerstage, but I don't believe the stage is even covered, is it? I also don't remember there being any kind of shelter for the audience, so even if they dance, it'll be for an audience of ducks. What a shame, I was really looking forward to it.

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