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Preview Section on DanceView Times is up

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We're going to do a preview section for the Ashton Celebration (to try to provide preview information that the newspapers are unlikely to).

The section is up, in outline. More will be added over the weekend.

Ashton Celebration Preview

There will be thumbnail descriptions of the ballets soon. Right now, there's schedule information (which is also on this forum), the beginnings of a Links page, and an article by former Royal Ballet Principal Bruce Sansom:

Looking at Ashton

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The whole section is now up, and we've added lots of photos today:

Special Ashton Section

Looking at Ashton

by Bruce Sansom

The Right Giant

by Alexandra Tomalonis

The Ballets

by Alexandra Tomalonis

Enigma Variations

by Mary Cargill

Schedule of Performances




Links to the participating companies as well as articles about the ballets, and Ashton's life and work

There are also links to several articles, interviews and reviews that we've published in DanceView over the past 10 years.

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