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Living National Treasures?

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If nationality is an issue, King (or Rex, or whatever you wish to be called), why not have an award like those the French government awards? The Legion d'honneur comes in ranks--Knight (Chevalier) and Commander (Commandeur), I think. I had the honor to see an American choregrapher awared the highest of honors by the French ambassador at their beautiful cultural affairs building in New York this spring. It was a moving ceremony. The French have had a love affair with American modern dance--thus I do not know of any ballet choreographers so honored. If anyone's interested I could look into it. Two of those I know of have a history with NYCB---Paul Taylor guested there and was asked to join the company, and Merce Cunningham, whom I saw honored, has had two works in the rep, though one was only in Ballet Society, the NYCB predecessor company. To wrap up, I think Violette Verdy should be declared a Living International Treasure!

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I'm not sure what the age cut-off is, but assuming it's around 70, in ballet, I would nominate Maria Tallchief, Melissa Hayden, and Jacques d'Amboise (His 70th is this year. Villella has a couple of years to go. So many deserving people in their 60's.)

Since this is in Anything Goes, I hope I'm not stepping out of bounds by going outside ballet. Among choreographers, I would go modern with Merce Cunningham and Paul Taylor. Although I didn't think much of The Company, I'd choose Robert Altman for film. Actors would have to include Ruby Dee and Paul Newman.

Among composers I would list Stephen Sondheim and David Diamond. My musicians list would have to include Marilyn Horne, Leon Fleisher, Beverly Sills, and Robert Merrill.

I don't know enough about jazz and blues to know if the big names are necessarily the living treasures. I wish I knew who they were for traditional American music (Appalachian, bluegrass, real country, etc.)

In Japan crafts artists are given the honor. In America that would include potters (Maria Martinez, in her lifetime), quilters, and weavers.

In the performing arts I guess that Kennedy Center Honors is the closest thing we have.

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Shouldn't there be some master teachers nominated as well?

Or how about some company founders?

How about Francia Russell & Kent Stowell for building Pacific Northwest Ballet?

Sometimes I think ballet's philanthropists deserve "living treasure" recognition!

How about Baryshnikov? I'm thinking of his interest in performing Judson works to preserve interest in them as well as his arts building project.

How about Nancy Reynolds for her efforts to preserve the Balanchine legacy by recording it's masters coaching younger dancers?

How about Todd Bolender?

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