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Musagète-- up or down?


I think Boris Eifman's Musagete is:  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. I think Boris Eifman's Musagete is:

    • 1. A masterpiece
    • 2. A welcome addition to the repertory
    • 3. An interesting change of pace
    • 4. A flawed work
    • 5. Trash unworthy of the company
    • 6. Other, please explain

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Although Wendy's performance as a cat is a tour de force, I picked the "Trash" option. The psycho-babble about Balanchine's angst -- a man who described himself as a craftsman -- should not be allowed to go on at the State Theater. It's insulting to his memory as well as being just plain silly.

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I voted "other".

The ballet is certainly interesting...just look at all the interest it has generated.

The premieres of L'APRES-MIDI D'UN FAUN and SACRE were considered in very bad taste and caused alot of negative reaction...and sold-out houses for Diaghilev.

I wasn't bored with it...I also feel no desire to see it again.

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Ah, sveiglar, if I were there, I'd get a Mercy Wagon and be out front with cool drinks and cookies. Since I'm not, a virtual Black Russian is on its cyberway to you :)

I'm actually quite surprised at this poll. Sometimes I'll post a poll when the discussion is so skewed to one position that I'm afraid there are people afraid to say, "Hang on, I loved this!" and a poll is a way to let them voice that anonymously. Here, at least so far, the votes mirror the discussion.

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I voted a nice addition. While I enjoyed the peice, I do not think it was a masterpeice as it did have it's flaws, but most every peice does, atleast to one person or another. I personally rather enjoyed this peice. I thought it moved well and was quite interesting. I enjoyed the first half more than the second, but I did not dislike the second half, I just thought it was much more random than the first. I thought it was a nice tribute to Balanchine, No it was not Balanchine, but it's not supposed to be Balanchine, it's supposed to be in his honor and if it was Balanchine, then why even coreograph, cause Balanchine is all around us, a nice change of pace, other than Peter Martins, was good! :-D

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