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Jean-Charles Gil??????


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:shrug: GIL was a dancer who danced with the Roland Petit Ballet (of Marsailles??). I only saw him during Petit's co. engagemet at the Met either 1984,'85 or '86. I thought he was great, but have not seen or heard about him again. Can anyone give me any help??????????? THANKS :wink:

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Yes indeed, his first name is "Jean-Charles", and here's his web site:


He created his own company, "Ballet des Jeunes d'Europe", which is based in Marseille, and choreographs for it. They will perform his new ballet "Mireille" next August in the region of Marseille.

Previously, he had danced for the San Francisco Ballet between 1985 and 1988, and for the Ballets de Monte-Carlo between 1991 and 1997. I only saw him once on stage, around 1999 in a solo program in Marseille (with choreographies by himself and two other choreographers), and I had liked a lot his stage presence and elegance.

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Gil was a favorite of mine, although I only saw him a few times, with the Ballet de Marseille (and on the Met gala; as I remember it, he was supposed to dance "Corsaire" with Kirkland, who didn't show. He did a solo from Petit's Nutcracker which was, indeed, elegant. He was also beautiful :wink: ) Thank you for the update and the web site link, Estelle. I'd lost track of him after he left San Francisco Ballet too.

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I recently purchased a DVD of the Ballet National de Marseille in Roland Petit's 'The Four Seasons', which features Jean-Charles Gil in the 'Winter' section. The piece was filmed at the Saint Mark's Square in Venice in 1984. Jean-Charles was by far my favorite dancer on the DVD. He was very beatiful and graceful, yet strong and masculine at the same time, unlike some of the other male dancers in the other sections, who I felt were rather feminine (except Luigi Bonino, who I also really liked).

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just a curiosity, I searched about jean-charles gil and I was surprised to learn that he is spanish! his real name is juan carlos gil. he changed his name to french

there are many talented spanish cklassical dancers, unfortunately they all have to work abroad as ballet is totally ignored in spain

I have also seen gil in roland petit´s the four seasons. not only him,all the company is in great shape in this ballet. I like specially dominique khalfouni in this ballet. she is a Botticelli creature in this ballet.

finally, I read that Gil had created a ballet in honour of his mother Nati. the ballet is called "Nati te quiero" which means "nati, I love you"

jose manuel

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