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Sleeping Beauty at the Bolshoi II

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June 13, 2004


Princess Aurora Nina Kaptsova

Prince Desire Vladimir Neporozhny

Aurora's Suitors Ilia Ryzhakov, Georgi Geraskin, Dmitry Rykhov, Maxim Valukin

Peasant Dance Anna Antropova, Alexander Pshenitsyn

Carabosse Nikolay Tsiskaridze

Lilac Fairy Maria Allash

Tenderness Fairy Olga Stebletsova

Tranquility Fairy Victoria Osipova

Generosity Fairy Xenia Tsareva

Frisky Fairy Daria Gurevich

Courage Fairy Elena Andrienko

Diamond Fairy Marianna Ryzhkina

Sapphire Fairy Maria Zharkova

Gold Fairy Olga Stebletsova

Silver Fairy Irina Semirechenskaya

Princess Florina Inna Petrova

Blue Bird Andrey Bolotin

White Cat Xenia Sorokina

Puss-in-Boots Vasily Zhidkov

Red Riding Hood Anastasia Stashkevich

Gray Wolf Georgi Geraskin

Cinderella Svetlana Gnedova

Prince Ruslan Skvortsov

Nina Kaptsova as Princess Aurora headed an exciting cast of dancers

in the performance of June 13.

The seven fairies in the Prologue, on the good side, Maria Allash as Lilac Fairy leading the five fairies of gifts, on the bad side, Nikolay Tsiskaridze as Carabosse, all etched through dancing

memorable portraits of otherwordly creatures.

Ms Allash gave a clear reading of the Lilac Fairy role, maintaining a sense of remoteness while remaining involved in human affairs. The five 'gift' variations were all finely danced.

Mr Tsiskaridze gave a truly thoughtful portrait of malevolence without stressing gender characteristics. I don't know whether this was his debut in the part.

[The Carabosse of June 12 (Gennadi Yanin) stressed characteristics of a male impersonating a female, which I suppose could be seen as comic but has not much to do, or say, about good and evil] Mr Tsiskaridze's interpretation clarified and advanced the story line.

Ms Kaptsova in her entry and the Rose Adagio was the embodiment of youth and expectations.

During the adagio, in one round with the suitors, after each supported promenade en attitude

she would lift her arm en couronne - a nicety of secure balance in academic style- before accepting the support of the next cavalier. Moreover, she beamed with smiles to her suitors while going through the whole adage.

In her variation, the unsupported pirouettes were dazzling for the speed of each preparation and the precision of finishes.

Mr Neprozhny showed clean technique, nobility of gesture,

and a finely etched presence as Prince Desire.

I particularly enjoyed Ms Ryzhkina as the Diamond Fairy (as well as her Princess Florine in the previous evening's performance).

Mr Bolotin as the Blue Bird makes a strong impression for his jumps and his landings with a deep, elastic demi-plie.

The Grand Pas de Deux concluded the evening in regal style.

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Thank you for your reviews, chiapuris. For Nikolai Tsiskaridze it really was debut in the role of Carabosse. As he was injured, he will not dance technically demanding parts till next season.

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