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Oh yes, it's a pity there are so few videos of Platel- only Gamzatti in "La Bayadère" and the bride in "Les Noces" (but that's not a big role). But the POB didn't released many videos in quite a long period, unfortunately (and also some ballets were films and shown on TV, like for example "Le Tricorne" and "Le train bleu", but never available on tape and on DVD). They seem to film more ballets now, but still not enough...

[Edited to add that I posted that message before seeing Marc's message.]

Those broadcasts of Le Tricorne and Le Train Bleu are going to be released, by Kultur. The link below is the video's page on amazon. It doesn't give much information, but I spoke to the distributors and they said it contained those two ballets performed by POB. Estelle or anybody else, do you remember who performed those ballets on TV?


It comes out December 20.

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Dale, thanks for the information !

If I remember correctly, it was filmed around 1993 and the dancers were:

-for "Le Train Bleu": Nicolas Le Riche (Le beau gosse, Anton Dolin's role), Elisabeth Maurin (Perlouse), Karin Averty (the tennis player) and Laurent Quéval (the golf player).

-for "Le Tricorne": Kader Belarbi (the Miller), Françoise Legrée (his wife), Fabrice Bourgeois (the bad guy- Corregidor, if I remember correctly. Bourgeois was a sujet who performed a lot of "bad guys" roles in the last years of his career, and anecdotically he is the husband of the former principal Fanny Gaïda).

It was part of a "Picasso et la danse" program which also included Roland Petit's "Le rendez-vous", but as far as I know Petit's work was not filmed (or at least the film was never shown on TV). It was one of the interesting programs of the Patrick Dupond era (from what I've read, it was an idea of Jean-Albert Cartier- the kind of ideas which is sorely lacking now at the POB in my opinion...

:( ) Sadly, those works haven't been danced by the POB for quite a long while.

It's great to know that those ballets will be released on tape, all the more as most of the dancers in the main roles have retired since then (only Le Riche and Belarbi still are part of the company, and Belarbi will retire soon) and some of them were not filmed much during their careers.

Ah, to think I used to have those ballets one tape, and that my mother used the tape to record some soap opera... :angry2::crying::):D

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Thanks Estelle. I think it would be great if this release signals an agreement with Kultur and POB to release some of those old "Le foyer de la danse" programs (as opposed to the contract POB has with TDK). There have been quite a few of those programs.

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Adding, that it's odd to think that these Massine and Nijinska works were once some of the most popular ballets on the circuit. Reading historical accounts of the Ballets Russes, I always come across photos or descriptions of Toumanova or Danilova in the Miller's wife.

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