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Bolshoi Ballet in the Netherlands

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Two Bolshoi Ballet gala performances are planned in The Hague and Zaandam (don't ask me why there...), the Netherlands, on June 11 and 13. The program consists of a selection of pas de deux and solos performed by soloists of the Bolshoi and other Moscow companies. The main part of the program seems to be Mikhail Lavrovsky's "Nijinsky", a ballet created in 2000, highlighting Dmitry Gudanov in the title role. The work will see its European premiere.

Herman, I guess this could be something for you? :)

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Er, perhaps, Marc. Our June calendar is pretty full. Please tell me something more about this Lavrosky Niinsky piece.

Of course it's very daring and original to create a work with this title (:rolleyes:), but if it's just a piece of kitsch ending in the male lead going christ crazy I just might pass.

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Herman, as a matter of fact the male lead is off his rocker for the whole time. Mikhail Lavrovsky’s "Nijinsky" is a very downbeat piece, to say the least, using Rakhmaninov’s "Isle of the Dead" and set entirely in the insane asylum. Nijinsky in straightjacket is gradually confronted with his past by the doctors who hand him his dancing shoes and show him posters of his biggest roles, yet soon finds himself torn between ever quarreling Diaghilev and Romola again. The choreography is rather crude, finding its best moments when Nijinsky reminisces his roles.

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