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I quote rg from another post, on the Ballet Videos thread:

divertimento from 'le baiser de la fee'' by balanchine, which was filmed in germany in the now infamous series of films that balanchine ended up disliking, to put it mildly

I am curious for details regarding this filming at this Germany tour. What did exactly happen with that filming? And which were the ballets?

Just curiosity!!!!


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some 15 ballets were filmed by a german tv team in '73 in berlin, the problem, as it's now told by b.horgan, balanchine's assistant, was that balanchine wasn't allowed to direct or have any special say about the filming, so the results are overall a mess of busy cuts and odd angles. apparently g.b. hated the results and wanted nearly none of the results shown. the SYM IN C was shown a few times as was LIEBESLIEDER WALZER & STARS AND STRIPES. european tv has shown the BAISER, LA VALSE, DUO CONCERTANTE, SERENADE, TARANTELLA, EPISODES, CONCERTO BAROCCO and perhaps a few more. (european readers will be able to say more.) i suppose someday, b/c the films document balanchine's late company of dancers these films might be unearthed for historical purposes, tho' not likely, it would seem, while the current powers-that-be are in charge of the balanchine trust, etc.

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Was this the same tour as described by Merrill Ashley in her "Dancing for Mr B"? If so, who else was dancing at that time, at that tour? Because it is years since I read the book which I do not own (sadly), so I cannot refer to it for checking purposes

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Silvy - yes it's the same filming Ashley describes. I think the company went as a group, and this is ca. 1973. In the films I have seen, a partial list of the dancers includes, off the top of my head, Anthony Blum, Ashley, Renee Estopinal, Arthur Mitchell (who came back from Dance Theatre of Harlem to film Agon) Allegra Kent and Karin von Aroldingen.

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