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A very enjoyable eve. at the Washington Ballet - Sarah Kaufman's review is right on, so to avoid just repeating what she write, I'll copy the link here (from the "links" forum for Friday, April 30).

Washington Post Review

The program was seven new works, short variations on a theme, that theme being love in several of its manifestations - by turns funky ("Memory of a Free Festival," "L'Apres Midi/La Nuit"), romantic ("Desire," "Sostenuto," "Seego,") searching ("Underneath"), and satirical ("tink tank" - sic, the title is lowercase in the printed program). Music ranged from Arvo Part's haunting "Spiegel Im Spiegel" through Matthew Fuerst, David Bowie, John Lennon, Tin Hat Trio and Go Ten Project, Rachmaninoff, John Lennon, and J. S. Bach. I don't think the choreography broke new ground, but every piece was a well-crafted miniature, with plenty of technical and artistic challenges to showcase the company's dancers. "Showcase" is the right word here, because each piece built thoughtfully upon the performers' individual strengths.

Every dancer had some great moments in this program. A particular favorite was Erin Mahoney in "tink tank." The piece, a takeoff on Muscle Beach, has Erin flirting with five musclemen and a soulful Jared Nelson. She had so much fun with this that it oughtta be illegal :) Brianne Bland and Runqiao Du were also outstanding in "Seego," as were Elizabeth Gaither and Chip Coleman in "Desire." The dancers seemed incredibly light on their feet, especially when catching and carrying.

To allow Sarah Kaufman the last few words, this program of short new works was a great presentation of the company dancers in all their "to-die-for fabulousness!"

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Thanks for this, Mike. I couldn't go, unfortunately.

I've gotten several reports from friends who did go, and I think the responses have been very interesting. Each of them enjoyed the evening, and each singled out ONE ballet that was good, thinking the rest not really much more than workshop --- and each picked a different ballet. :)

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i saw it last night at the 9 o'clock show. my favorite pieces were:

the first one, "memory of a free festival"

"sostenuto" to Rochmaninoff piano conerto 2 :wub:

and tink tank. i saw it with morgann rose, not erin mahoney. it was beautiful and very cool.

PS: during "tink tank", i had the biggest laugh that i have ever had watching a ballet. the choreography was so humorous; especially when the 6 foot tall men bounced around with their hands cupped above their heads like bunny rabbits :)

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I too, have to agree with Sarah Kaufman's review, what a treat. For me the most outstanding part of the show was Erin Mahoney. She danced in 3 of the 7 dances, each very different and each was wonderful. But 'tink tank' choreographed by Vladimir Angelov was a real gem and very funny too. Erin absolutely shone in this piece.

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