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The only video on general release with Johan in it is 'Bournonville Ballet Technique. Fifty Enchainements.' which was filmed when he was just 19 and shows of his abilities quite well (especially for some one who has only been dancing fulltime scine the age of 15!) Although interesting to watch it gets a bit boring after about 25. You can get it from dancebooks.co.uk (i think what it is)

He danced Don Q with Tamara Rojo a while ago on TV (which i recorded) and Cinderella with Alina Cojocaru at chrismas on TV (which i also recorded) but neither are avaliable to buy (yet)!

Hope i was of some help, as an avid johan fan myself- i want more vids of johan to be released!!!


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Thanks Maria- I'll search for the Bournonville tape.

Cinderella and Don Q both sound tantalizing. I've only been able to see Kobborg dance a few times and in tragic roles- Onegin, Romeo and Rudolf. I'm still floored by his subtle acting and incredibly pure technique.

Let's petition the Royal Ballet to release Johan DVDs :wink:

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Yesterday, Kobborg tweeted:

Balanchine took more or less all the steps, Robbins all the ideas, and between them they used ALL the music !! Thank you guys!!

This tells us what Kobborg thinks of the music written since 1998 (when Robbins died). And didn't Balanchine sometimes choreograph new pieces to music he had used before?

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