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Liebelslieder Walzer

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Because it's come up occasionally, I thought I'd put up a handy-dandy guide to knowing which roles were originally danced by whom in Liebeslieder.

Diana Adams, Bill Carter - danced the "whispering pas" in the first section where the couple walks slowly on a diagonal with the man whispering to the woman as they walk. I've seen Farrell and Kowroski in this role among others (in Paris, Agnes Letestu - Jean Guillaume Bart)

Melissa Hayden, Jonathan Watts - danced the final "swimming" pas. Others who've danced include Patricia McBride, Wendy Whelan and Jenifer Ringer in NY, and Delphine Moussin in Paris.

Violette Verdy, Nicholas Magallanes - danced the pas in the first section where she's swept prone into her partner's arms. Others in NY include Kyra Nichols and Pascale van Kipnis. In Paris, this was Aurelie Dupont.

Jillan, Conrad Ludlow - with no offense to them, for me, I can usually tell this part because it isn't the others! Also, that woman is the only to wear her hair in a low bun, and the role seems "younger" than the others. Ringer and Miranda Weese have also danced it in NYC, in Paris I saw Laetita Pujol.

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Don't forget the men! Adam Luders was wonderful in this ballet--which with Davidsundtlertanze was his very best role--and so was Sean Lavery, and partnering Patty McBride, Bart Cook. The more I think about it, the more beautiful casts of Liebeslieder I can think of. I think I will try to see them all this season.

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The cast list for the performances by NYCB goes:

Kistler, Whelan, Nichols, Weese

I'm assuming that means,

Kistler in Adams role

Whelan in Hayden's role

Nichols in Verdy's role

and Weese in Jilliana's role

Is that correct?

What does everyone think about that casting?

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The NYCB casts that I have listed for performances from 1984-1989 are:



von Aroldingen/Lüders

Calegari/Neubert and Lüders




Nichols/Joseph Duell, Neubert, and Ziemiench (sp?)

Kozlova/Crabtree and Neubert*

*Some sort of gala where only four songs for two couples were danced.



Watts/Moore, Cook, and Soto

Melinda Roy/Soto





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Not many people remember, Saland but she was wonderful in this. Rich, deep emotions and beautiful dancing. She was also an exceptionally beautiful woman. Her extraordinary arms and upper body and the way she used her head made her the finest exponent of the Verdy arm solo in Jewels that I have seen since Verdy herself.

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I have an old movie with Verdy, Van Aroldingen, I think it's also Martins, Bonnefous. I don't recognize all the dancers. Against I adore this ballet, every time I saw it. It's a Balanchine very different of his ordinary ballets, nearer of Robbins' In the Night mood. But I must say that I'm inconditionnal fan of Balanchine and Robbins :wub: !!!

I saw twice at Paris with Agnès Letestu/Marie-Agnès Gillot + Jean-Guillaume Bart/Yann Saiz, AurélieDupont/Dorothée Gilbert + Laurent Hilaire/Nicolas Paul (POB sujet), Delphine Moussin/Isabelle Ciaravola + Manuel Legris/Benjamin Pech, and Laetitia Pujol/Nathalie Riqué + Benjamin Pech/Christophe Duquenne. The both cast were very interesting, I think I prefer the second but I love also the first cast :blushing: .

I adore this ballet about feelings, walzes and so on, the first part evocating some XIX century "Salon" and the second more timeless with the pointes. I love the mood of this ballet. But they made a bad choice to mix it with contemporary works as Kelemenis, Brown's Glacial Decoy and Preljocaj. Romantic mood was not at all in the modern mood of this mixed bill. French audience was shared between enthousiasm and boring :shrug: !

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