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Upcoming season

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I'm not a diehard -- not even on the same coast, actually -- but I cast my nonvote vote for "Raymonda." I hope they bring it West.

Also, that "conceived and directed by Holmes and Kevin McKenzie" line seems quite silly to me. I find "conceived by" to be a hopelessly pretentious term anyway, but here it almost suggests that they're taking credit for thinking up "Raymonda."

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Here's another West Coast voice, but I'll be in New York for two and a half weeks in at the end of May. So what to do while "trapped" in NYC for two weeks?

I'm looking forward to the Balanchine repertory - it'll be a great way to see a many different company members doing very crowd-pleasing, yet much-more-artistically-satisfying-than-the-Harrison-piece dancing. And they'll be doing it in an all-night long parade of similarly crowd pleasing works, so even if its not the most ideally programmed mixed-bill evening, it should be fun regardless. The scheduled casting already looks fantastic - from seeing tried-and-true principals to night 3, with Part/Beloserkovsky in "Mozartiana" and Ananiashvili and Meunier in "Ballet Imperial."

I'll be wanting to see Svetlana Zakharova in "La Bayadere," even if she's not exactly ABT; I keep hearing great things about her Nikiya, especially the Shades act.

I'm also looking forward to seeing the new "Raymonda," but with reservations since the Grand Pas preview excerpts have not been very well received this season. Hopefully the full production will be much more improved than the reports say, but I am keeping an open mind.

That's all I'll get to see in my New York time, but the rest of the season doesn't seem to pack quite as many potential thrills as the first four weeks. And I've been seeing quite a bit of the company this week, with ABT taking up residence for the week in downtown LA, so the "Romeo and Juliets" at the end of the season are taken care of on my end (gotta love $15 public rush at the Music Center!).


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I'll only be in NYC for one weekend this spring, and I already have my ticket for the Repertory II on May 29. I always attend with a dear friend who lives in NYC. I'm at her mercy for the ballet tickets, and she always wants to see the story ballets. Her credo in life is one can never be too rich nor see too many Swan Lakes. So, I was pleased when she agreed to see the Repertory II with Balanchine ballets I've never seen -- Mozartiana and Ballet Imperial.

Also, I will break my neck to see Ananiashvili or Carreno in anything. I discovered recently with a little flutter of the heart that Nina A. is over 40 now so I have to take every opportunity to soak in her performances now.

I've seen Theme and Variations several times before, and I've always enjoyed it. The best performance I ever saw was with Murphy and Stiefel. I thought they were better together than I ever saw them with other people. How do you think Wiles and Halberg will be?

I'm also looking forward to seeing Bocca since he is talking about retiring.

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I shall O.D. on Ananiashvilli this season--(if that's possible :rolleyes: ) I have tickets for her Raymonda, Swan Lake (she is only doing one performance ) and her Ballet Imperial. Enough of the kiddies---I need a REAL ballerina :wink: I am also looking forward to seeing Part in Mozartiana and Meunier in Ballet Imperial.

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I looking forward at seeing ABT perform Balanchine's Mozartiana with Nina Ananiashvili and Veronika Part. Ananiashvili and Jose Manuel Carreno in Don Quixote - I think they will be fantastic together! I'm going to wait to get tickets for Raymonda after the reviews come in. What I saw at the preview of the ballet at City Center last fall was not so promising.

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There is SO much to look forward to this season - Zakharova and Marquez, certainly, but I'm also looking forward to the Balanchine program. Already got my tickets for the May 27th performance where Part and Meunier are both dancing. The one thing I was sure I'd go to this season was the Wiles/Hallberg Swan Lake - even planned to take a day off work to see them. Then I found out that I have to be out of town on business that day so I will have to be satisfied seeing them in Pillar. I am kind of dreading Raymonda - between the excepts they performed at City Center and the description of the new production in the brochure I have a very bad feeling about it - but I'm going to see both the Nina/Carreno and Murphy/Corella cast, so we'll see! I'm also going to see a lot of Nina this season, in addition to her Raymonda I'm going to see her in DQ,with Bocca in SL, and in Mozartiana and Ballet Imperial.

Unfortunately I have a lot of business travel scheduled this spring but when I'm not traveling or at the Met I'm going to try to make my way across the plaza and use my new 4th ring society membership to see some NYCB this season...

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