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RAD Solo Seal Awards

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I was wondering if anyone here has ever attended the RAD solo seal awards and whether they're worth going to? They are being held in Toronto on May 2 and are open to the public. How long do they normally last? How many dancers usually participate? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I can't really speak for solo seal in Canada- but i have been to solo seal in London at RAD HQ! I find them interesting from a teaching point of view but if you want big performances don't go! If you want to know how long it will last best thing to do is ring up RAD HQ Canada and ask- they should be able to tell you! The published timing for solo seal is 1 hour for 4 candidates, 1 1/4 for 5 candidates! Depending on if it is an all female or a mixed set generally the order is something like this:

(All danced as Solos, of course!)

Genee Port de bras

Male Largo

Female Adage

Male Classical Variation

Female Variation

Male Demi-Charactere Variation

Female Finales (fouettes, mangege type stuff)

Male Finale (similar to female stuff)

Only probs with S.S. is that you don't find out what they get!!

Hope this was helpful!

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