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Romeo and Juliet


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Is anyone planning to go to any Romeo and Juliets? I'm going to the opening matinee with Mara Galeazzi and Frederico Bonelli, who I haven't seen before (in fact is this their debut in R&J?) so I'm really looking forward to it.

Am also going to see Lauren Cuthbertson and Edward Watson who are debuting in these roles on 12th April, which I'm really excited about. Apparently Tamara has been rehearsing them (she mentioned this in the talk with Johan Kobborg) and they were shown rehearsing with Johnny Cope on the brief Channel 4 documentary about Johnny. Is anyone going to see them?

Will let you all know how they are! xx

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Rebekah, Galeazzi has done Juliet occasionally over the last few years - she and Bonelli did a matinee before Christmas which showed, shall we say, scope for improvement - it was Bonelli's first big role with the company and he's looked better in other things since then, so maybe he was too nervous on that occasion.

I think more or less everyone is going to see a Cuthbertson/Watson performance - there are huge expectations of both of them, so I hope the pressure doesn't get to them!

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Thanks for clearing that up for me Jane. I thought Mara might have done Juliet before, but my memory is starting to fail me with who has done what! Will be interesting to see Bonelli as Romeo too. Ooh, can't wait! xx

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This may be off topic, but it's connected to lots of things often discussed here: Is it usual for current principals to coach newbies making their debuts? I'm not at all familiar with the dancers, but with respect to Tamara Rojo, I think that at her age, these coaching sessions will teach her more about the role of Juliet and how she perceives it than they will teach Cuthbertson and Watson. Why don't they bring in Seymour, Sibley, Dowell, PArkinson, etc. to coach the promising newcomers?

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At the 'In Conversation' talk Tamara said it was just a one time thing, the coaching. Someone failed to show up and she was available so she took them through the 'Madrigal' scene. She said something like it was a bit strange as she is still dancing Juliet. The cast sheets usually tell us who is coaching and the only current principal I can recall ever seeing listed is Jonathan Cope. I think Seymour coached the principals in Mayerling, and apparently both she and Sibley coached Tamara and Alina Cojocaru respectively in Manon.

Mara's had a lot of Romeo's to fall in love with! - Jonathan Cope, Stuart Cassidy and Inaki Urlezaga. She said in a Ballet Association talk that even though she was given very little notice her Juliets with Johan were the best she'd ever done. I was extremely moved by them, so much that I actually started to think I would go to see the RB on tour in Russia so I could see them dance it again and Mayerling too!

And yes I'm excited about Lauren Cuthberson/Watson performances too even though I feel like I've had enough of R&J after 2 runs and now a 3rd in less than a year. I'm a bit wary of the Cojocaru (replacing Darcey Bussell)/Bolle cast but the performances I tend to love are the ones that surprise me the most so we'll see! And I'm looking forward to seeing Guillem/Le Riche - the critics say these may be Guillem's last Juliets! I didn't care for her interpretation a couple years back but I have better seats this time...so again we'll see! :)

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I'm also really looking forward to the cuthbertson/watson R&Js. I haven't seen watson in anything where he hasn't stood out as a very individual, intellegent dancer, so his romeo should be something special.

Sylvia, you are so lucky to have been at the conversation with tamara rojo and johan kobborg- my two favourite dancers! Unfortunately, we had to be in college at that time, and as it was one of our last ballet classes before our final exam, really couldn't miss! Please could you tell us what was said?

Thank you!


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Rojo_fan, yes of course, I'll try type it up asap. The talk was quite interesting but there was very little I hadn't heard or read about before, their history, favourite ballets etc. The Ballet Association talks are much better as they are much longer and more detailed, and sometimes you hear some controversial opinions that aren't usually voiced! But there were some things I hadn't heard before - Johan and Tamara had actually danced together before the RB when he was guesting at Scottish Ballet - in La Sylphide or Les Sylphides I couldn't quite make it out. They've only danced together twice since - Don Q and Giselle which they both agreed was really good. Johan was inspired to join the RB when they toured to Denmark and Johan saw Bruce Sansom (who was interviewing) dance Month in the Country. Tamara wanted to dance Mayerling, Manon, etc ballets she'd seen on video as a youth, which was why the RB was her goal while she danced with Scottish Ballet and ENB.

I have to rush off as my time is running out but I'll get back to you on this!

Saw both performances of R&J yesterday. Mara was excellent, Bonelli a big improvement on his debut last November. Have done complete about-face on Alina - she was fantastic, and quite different with new partner Roberto Bolle than with Kobborg. A bit dubious about Bolle - will write more later!

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