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Jason Hartley

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It's a lovely site, corrival -- is this in honor of Will Kemp, the hopper?

I think Jason Hartley's star has already risen :wink: He's been Septime Webre's star dancer for a long time -- he was with Webre when Webre directed (I write without checking) the Princeton Ballet before coming to Washington.

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The actual website, Willkemp.org is a fansite dedicated to Will Kemp of Swan Lake, CarMan and soon to be movie fame. Dani does an excellent job of keeping it fun, friendly and positive. She wanted to honor some other outstanding dancers and choreographers, hence the Dancers who make us Swoon page. :wink:

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<earnest question>

Could the Jason Hartley fans explain what it is about

Jason Hartley's dancing that they like so much?

I have seen him dance on a number of occasions, and

the dancing has never left an impression on me. I just

feel dead neutral. So, you see, I was quite surprised to

see this thread.

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