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Hiya Danciegirlmaria! I went on 17th and it was fantastic. Tamara Rojo and Johnny Cope were superb as Mary Vestsera and teh Crown Prince. The ferocity of their passion had me holding my breath. The scene with Rudolf and Princess Stephanie (Gemma Bond) in the bedroom was also excellent, and terrifying at the same time. Zenaida Yanowsky played Rudolph's mother, and she was also really well performed.

Did Johan dance? I hope so

Are you going to see Johan In Conversation at ROH on Tuesday afternoon?

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Thanks Rebekah for your review! It's really interesting to know what happens in London, especially because I love MacMillan's ballets and I'd like to see Mayerling on stage so much. And besides we have so few opportunities to see that kind of ballets in France! :unsure:

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I really didn't get my hopes up.........I picked up the injury sheet had he wasn't on it- so i flipped open the cast list and I was soooo happy- He did dance!



19th March 2004

The performnace was great- though i must admit that i forgot to bring my binoculars with me from home and my seat at the back of the amphi made it difficult to see expressions clearly (though I have seen these two in these roles before!)

I love Mayerling, well the sequences anyway, but found something lacking from friday's performance....... i think it might have been the casting!? I found Tim Matiakis' Bertfich a little dull- i remember how much i loved that role when Jonathan Howells played it back in Oct '02. I though he lacked the feeling of loyalty towards Rudolf and although he danced the role well, I felt there could have been added a little more feeling for Rudolf. I also found Laura Morera's Countess Larisch a little dull, she danced beautifully, but some how i felt she wan't totally 'in the role', I don't think I would have cast her as Countess Larisch- i feel some how that if she could learn to articulate her upper body more, esp. her breastbone, she would get so much out of the Countess role.... Wow this sounds like im really moaning, it's not ment like that at all!! I also wan't totally convinced by Gilian Revie's Mitzi Casper- she wasn't vular enough for my liking!!

I found Johan's Rudolf to be so emotional (but then he really loves this ballet- apparently!) he's mad!!!! Bethany Keating was also very good, but i think i'd be scared if i was dancing Stephanie opposite johan's rudolf (was it real fear!?) I spoke to a friend of mine in the 2nd interval who said that she found Alina's Vestra more agressive than in '02- i admitedlyhadn't noticed but i did see what she ment in the third act.... It was more of a feeling that a seeing- i felt that aggression but it, in my eyes, hadn't altered her performance that much. She is still young, a developing a character who is willing to deal herself in on a death pact must be hard for her!!!

Well that was my ramble! what did others think?

rebekah, i'm not going to see Johan In Conversation at ROH on Tuesday afternoon because i've had to reduce my theatre outing for the next few weeks- I've got the 3rd year finals of my degree coming up, and although i'd love to go i have to study......

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Well, Alina and Johan sound fabulous. I'm going to try and see them on 6th April, I'll be on Easter holiday then, and will need some time off from essays-can't think of a better excuse :wink:

Danciegirlmaria-I hope you have some ballet planned into your revision plan, it isn't good to spend too long studying in one go. By the way, what are you studying? I'm doing an MA at King's College, London. xx

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I'll send a PM to you!

just realised you dont have PM (until 30 posts have been written)so:

Im studying on the degree progamme at the Royal Academy of Dance HQ, BA(Hons.) the Art and Teaching of Ballet! I am planning on watching a few ballet videos and DVDs over the next few weeks to get my fix...... but if im desperate i do have Bournonville 50 enchainements to watch- and i can convince myself that its dissertation related!!

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