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Many years ago, here in Uruguay, I saw Balachine's "Mozartiana" danced by Suzanne Farrell. I wonder if there is anywhere I could get that tape? I think it could reveal new thing to me now, after so many years, and having danced and read a lot about Balanchine and of his mood at the time he created that ballet.

At least, this is how I react to art: it is a new experience every time for me.


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MOZARTIANA w/ farrell and andersen (the original cast) was telecast w/ VIENNA WALTZES and WHO CARES? but as is too often the case, it has not been released commercially.

unless you can find someone w/ an off-the-air copy of the tape (or get to a library that has one) you'll have to wait for the possible release or re-airing of the original telecast, as follows:

A New York City Ballet tribute to George Balanchine 1983.

120 min. : sd. color

Telecast on WNET-TV Channel 13, New York, on October 16, 1983. Producer: John Goberman for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Director: Emile Ardolino. Choreography: George Balanchine.

Performed by members of the New York City Ballet Company at the New York State Theater. Introduction and commentary by Patrick Watson.

CONTENTS. - Vienna waltzes Music: Johann Strauss, Ferenc Lehár, and Richard Strauss. Scenic design: Rouben Ter-Arutunian. Costumes: Karinska. Performed by Kyra Nichols and Sean Lavery, Heather Watts and Helgi Tomasson, Elyse Borne and Bart Cook, Karin von Aroldingen and Peter Martins, Suzanne Farrell and Adam Luders, with other members of the company. - Mozartiana Music: Tchaikovsky on Mozart themes. Costumes: Ter-Arutunian. Performed by Suzanne Farrell with Ib Andersen, Victor Castelli, 4 students from the School of American Ballet, and other members of the company. - Who Cares? Music: George Gershwin, adapted and orchestrated by Hershey Kay. Scenic design: Jo Mielziner. Costumes: Ben Benson. Performed by Patricia McBride, Lourdes Lopez, Sean Lavery, Heather Watts, and other members of the company.

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There's a book, "Balanchine's Mozartiana: The Making of a Masterpiece," by Robert Maiorano and Valerie Brooks which you might find interesting. It was published in 1985 and of course is out-of-print. They don't have it at Amazon, but abebooks.com probably has a few copies. The have a few copies of almost everything.

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Hi Silvy, The first time someone told me about abebooks.com, I thought there was a little old man named abe who had a bookstore crammed with out-of-print books. But it turned out that it's a world-wide listing of booksellers, so that when you buy a book from them, you're actually buying it from one of the individual booksellers, whom you pay and who ships the book to you. I think a lot of their business is international. I wish I knew what abe stands for -- Antiquarian Booksellers Exchange, perhaps? Just guessing. Good luck.

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It's a very good book, well worth hunting down. I'm sure alibris.com or powells.com might have it, too, and of course our site sponsor should always be first look!

I'm afraid we won't see the tape commercially any time soon. I remember reading how upset Farrell was when permission couldn't be obtained to show clips from the ballet for "Elusive Muse" (and it's upsetting for viewers, too; it really does hurt the movie). It's a shame.

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