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Vladimir Vasiliev


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Recent FYI:

Not sure if it's VVV, I assume so, (or maybe it's VLV?) Anyways Vladimir Vasiliev is scheduled to be a judge at the auditions being held for Angel Corella's new company/school at the end of March 2007. I had heard him mention this a couple weeks ago, but wasn't sure until, CarolinaM posted the link to Fotoescena which confirms it.

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Vasiliev sounds like he is also a very dignified man with great humanity.

This is what Valery Panov wrote about the period when Panov was being vilified and ostracized by his colleagues:

Of the people who continue to see us now, those with no connection to the dissident or emigration movements had a special courage. They were not crusading to change anything in Russia and didn't dream of leaving it. They simply refused to abandon friends, no matter how many times they were interrogated and intimidated.

It came as no surprise that the one dancer who felt for us was from Moscow. This was my old Bolshoi friend Vladimir Vasiliev, now dancing more spectacularly than ever. When I bumped into him, he had won every prize going and was a Deputy to the Supreme Soviet. He suggested a walk.

"In your position, aren't you scared to be seen with me?" I asked.

"You're damn right I'm scared, who isn't?"

But he went on to say what he thought of our treatment. On trips abroad, while others were calling me "an unknown, third-rate hack, an invention of the Western press," his remarks to Western journalists required real bravery.

To Dance
by Valery Panov, p.360

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Vladimir Vasiliev currently occupies the top of my narrow list of Favorite Albretch of all times, masterly achieved and recorded along with Mme. Alonso in the 1980's Cuban production of Giselle. He is just perfect, showing the right amounts of masculinity required from the role to be convincent , aside from a superb technique. Very interesting the fact that he chooses to show a rather non-vulnerable version of the character, specially accentuating big displays of violent anger mixed with frustration at the end of the first act rather than despair...I loved it. A few years ago Vasiliev, along with wive Mme. Maximova, was the recipient of the Award "A Dance for Life" during the VIII International Ballet Festival of Miami. She couldn't come, due to schedule issues, but he did, and i met him at the lobby during an intermission. Vasiliev is a charming man, with a snow white full head of hair and matching beard, a la Santa Claus. He was very humble when i approached him to sign my playbill, and was flattered about being praised...A truly gentleman.

What about Maximova? I'm ashamed to ask, is she still alive? if so, are they still married?

Yes, she is, and very much, God bless her!...And yes, they are a happy couple. This is a recent interview with Maximova from Dance Magazine: "Ekaterina Maximova, Prima Ballerina of the Bolshoi". May 2008.


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Another great tape to get, is what may have been his final "Nutcracker" with his wife Maximova at the Bolshoi - Kultur video 1987. They looked sooo young and in love, and they were perfect. It was the best "Nutcracker" I had ever seen. It was a fully realized performance and one of many definitive records of their partnership.

I saw Maksimova and Vasiliev in Nutcracker at Bolshoi when I was a child and completely agree - it is the best one I had ever seen. :sweatingbullets:

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Oh! Happiest of Birthdays, Mr. Vasiliev! Lovely Volodya, you are one of the most gracious and beautiful dancers to come our way. I love your artistry, sincerity and gorgeous technique. There's no one like you, in my humble opinion. Equally brilliant as Rudi and Misha, you are one of the true greats. And your partnership, both on and off the stage, with the beautiful Katia Maximova - truly moving. Love you :flowers:

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