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OBT on OPB Art Beat


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Anyone else see the Art Beat segment on OBT last night?

Thought the attempt to transition from Canfield to Stowell was uninformed and clumsy. Christopher Stowell seemed visibly uncomfortable having to answer fairly dumb questions about Canfield. I don't blame him.

Love his confidence in OBT's future as an important company.

Enjoyed watching Stowell explore choreographic possibilities with Karl & Anne. And visiting him in his loft was a treat. Nice collection of art, huh? I knew he was a cat person.

By the way, OBT lost a week of Francia Russell (setting Serenade) when news of her retirement from PNB leaked out prematurely and she had to rush back to Seattle to attend to the PR madness.

I am very excitied to see a reworking of Firebird. The Folkine setting, with a few exceptional moments (Mostly the Firebird's), is IMHO ghastly. I love the music and have been waiting a long time to see an improved attempt at it.

Anyone attend the Stowell/Possokhov talk on Monday?

I'll be there opening night.

Everyone bring a feather!


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