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First Coppelia...

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Our school is putting on Coppelia for the first time this spring, which I am so excited about because it is very much the kind of ballet that I love. I would like your opinions on what makes Swanhilda an effective character. This is a first for me in terms of leading roles and comedy ballets and all of that. Unfortunately we are only doing the first two acts, but it will be a wonderful experience I am sure. I appreciate any advice you can offer.

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I take it you wil be Swanilda -- congratulations!

I think she's mischievous and curious, and willful. She's not a submissive little girlfriend; she can think for herself and investigate things on her own. One thing you might aim for -- although this is much easier to write than it is to do -- is to try to live the role and not just act it out. Remember that Swanilda doesn't know what's in that workshop until she sees it, that neither she nor Franz know that Coppelia is a doll until they're up close. Remember that they don't know how this is going to turn out -- Franz is in real danger, Swanilda is worried about him, but can't let on, because she's only a doll.

Have fun with it!

You might want to post this same question on the Ballet Talk for Dancers forum in Cross Talk, because there might be some people there who have danced or coached the role.

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Thank you so much for your input, and yes I will be doing Swanhilda. At the moment we are all in a scramble to get it set, since we are also doing repertory pieces in this performance and the entire program is new so we have a lot to learn. Once it gets set I think I will be more comfortable with the role and hopefully be able to 'live the role' more. Oh, hows this for comedy-I am 5'1" and Franz is 6'1" *random tangent there*

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