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Next Year's Programs

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In the Q&A Francia Russell told us what next year's programs would be. She said that the Marketing Department will announce this soon:

Stowell's The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliette (set to various selections by Tchaikovsky, a verylovely version of the story, and different in tone because of the music)

Balanchine Centenary program: Four Temperaments, Prodigal Son, and Symphony in C.

Stowell's Nutcracker, although too many people think of this as Maurice Sendak's Nutcracker.

All Stravinsky Triple Bill: Stowell's Firebird, Balanchine's Apollo (she said Friday night that they only perform the full version), and Tetley's Rite of Spring.

Merry Widow. I can't remember who did the choreography -- I'm thinking an English guy, not Ashton -- but I saw the ballet at the Mercer Arena and didn't log it (argh), and it was really wonderful.

American Choreographer's Program: New Paul Gibson ballet, a Christopher Stowell Ballet (I think a repeat of the one he did last year that I didn't see) and Caniparoli's Lambarena.

Closing: Silver Lining. I'm disappointed, but Russell said it was an appropriate ballet with which to end, because every dancer in the Company is in it.

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Merry Widow.  I can't remember who did the choreography -- I'm thinking an English guy, not Ashton -- but I saw the ballet at the Mercer Arena and didn't log it (argh), and it was really wonderful.

Interesting line-up --many thanks for posting it!

The Merry Widow is by Ronald Hynd. The Hynds staged PNB's Sleeping Beauty, and came later to set MW.

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Hockeyfan, I know exactly what you mean by the dissapointment over Silver Lining.

I was dissapointed also about Firebird. At first when she was talking about doing Firebird next year I thought she meant Balanchine...then the truth came *sigh*. But it is appropriate, I suppose, to do Stowell's version. I should learn not to get my hopes up.

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If my memory is correct, when PNB first announced that they were going to stage a Firebird, their intention was to resurrect the Balanchine version for Tallchief, but when it started to come together, they realized that they couldn't get enough of the work back. By that time they were committed to doing a Firebird (it was scheduled for the Goodwill Arts Festival here) and so Stowell stepped up.

I understand that, as part of the Balanchine centenary events, Maria Tallfcheif is going to teach Patricia Barker part of her role in Firebird -- although I doubt this will lead to a full reconstruction, it's certainly good news.

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Thought it was interesting that Sandik mentioned that about Tallchief teaching Barker. Even though it was 1949, there are several people still around who were involved with that Firebird and might remember some of the corps choreography, etc. I think the NYCB version (which last time I saw it was, for the ballerina, Tallchief's choreography with or without various things Kirkland did, like the higher and higher split jete exit in the battle, gargouillades, etc) has a good bit of the original corps choreography-- you know Balanchine got all exercised over "you can't have a ballerina in a red tutu come in and start turning", not as much the ensemble stuff. Robbins did the Infernal Dance in 1970, which I think is still done....

in any case, Tallchief has an excellent memory for ballet. wouldn't surprise me if she remembered much of that Firebird, not just her steps--

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