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Guest popcorn

As a relative newcomer to PNB, but not to ballet, I was truly awed by the staging and dancing of the Balanchine Centenary. The mix and flow of elegance, beauty and strength was magnificient - like the fine touch of a French chef that brings out a bold taste for a delicate diner , or the rythmatic, but yet different melodies of an orchestra that brings one sound to the listner, the mixng of what seems to be random colors on an artist's palette that makes a picture bigger than life and twice as beautiful. Yes, that was PNB throughout the Balanchine Centenary...bigger than life and twice as beautiful.

Wevers, Lallone, Nadeau, Imler, Nakamura, Herd, Porretta, Pantastico, Pacitti all mixed to bring a bold and beautiful performance to a discerning audience.

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