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Geon Van der Wyst

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There's a lengthy article about van der Wyst in today's Globe:

Pain: 'The curse of ballet'

Geon van der Wyst's last-minute resignation from The National Ballet illustrates the gruelling punishment dancers must endure -- often in silence -- for their art


Tuesday, February 17, 2004 - Page R3

Geon van der Wyst could be a poster boy for the injuries a dancer can expect in the ballet world. When the National Ballet of Canada opens its mixed program tomorrow, and returns with The Sleeping Beauty the following week, van der Wyst will not be on stage. He was cast in key roles in Serenade and Alice, and minor roles in Beauty, but resigned as principal dancer on Feb. 12, two days before The Sleeping Beauty opened, leaving the company scrambling to fill in the holes.....


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This is a really sad story.

Geon never left a mark on me as a dancer but you hate to see anybody's career ended this way.

The company will miss him because they can't much afford to lose a decent male dancer.

I wonder if he'll stay in Toronto. He is partnered with one of the National's dancers. But I suspect he's in the country on a foreign worker visa so that might be tough.

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I wonder if he'll stay in Toronto.  He is partnered with one of the National's dancers.  But I suspect he's in the country on a foreign worker visa so that might be tough.

This is van der Wyst's own answer to what you are wondering (quoted from the same Globe & Mail article mentioned above):

For his future plans, all he will say is that he will be exercising the academic part of his brain, and that he will remain in Toronto to be with his significant other, Aleksandar Antonijevic, also a National principal dancer.
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There was another article about van der Wyst's resign in the Star yesterday:


The article also discusses dance injuries in general among NBoC dancers such as Johan Persson, Veronica Tennant, Jaimie Tapper and others. It is really sad that he has to end his career so early. When you've been devoted to ballet for such a large part of your life, there is usually little else to do. Of course, Persson and Tennant have been able to use their creativity in other ways- photography and film/TV, but it is nevertheless a difficult transition. Van der Wyst did do some modelling on the side back in Australia, maybe he might look into that?

I also found his comment, "20th Century choreographers put a lot more strain on the body" interesting. The classics are certainly demanding, but the contemporary works do put stress on different joints and the strain on the body is different from what most dancers are used to from their classical training.

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Here is his agent listing (with photo):

Geon van der Wyst, Royal LePage Real Estate

I've had it bookmarked since he joined Royal LePage, ready to give to friends who are looking for a house in Toronto!

Hi there,

I was doing alittle research into optimising my new Realtor Website and came across your blog. I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for your kind words above. I am deeply moved by you support. I am having a wonderful time learning a new path in life and feeling a great sense of satisfaction from my last. I am fortunate enough to be able to carry so many qualities I possessed as a dancer to the equally as competitive and challenging world of the Real Estate industry. Though I do very much miss being on stage, I am still welcome and part of the family under Karen Kain's wing. The company is looking great and continually growing with each day under her guidance.

It would be such a pleasure to have a chance to work with anyone you recommend me to. The committment to excellence, and making a difference in peoples life is, and always will be one of my enduring purposes in life.

With kindest regards, Geon van der Wyst

Former Pricipal National Ballet of Canada

Royal Le page Real Estate Services Ltd.

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