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Would a RAVE review make you see a ballet?


Would a rave review make you more likely to see a particular performance?  

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  1. 1. Would a rave review make you more likely to see a particular performance?

    • Yes, always.
    • Possibly, depending on the review.
    • Not usually.
    • No, never.
    • I never read reviews.
    • Other.

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I don't know what is being talked about. What is the dance, who is the piper, and who are the critics being discussed here? How did they "collude?"

Nanatchka, I thought (mistakenly) :( that Mel meant ABT's recent disaster, the Pied Piper. I was trying to make wordplay of it. :) :shrug:

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It's interesting that, by our small, unscientific poll, more people would be like to go to see something because of a rave than to stay home because of a pan. I like that, actually. It seems natural that, whether by writing or by phoning a friend, people say "You've got to see this!" because it's good, they like it, and they want people, at least people with similar tastes, to see it too. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever written a pan with the hopes that people would stay away -- if anything, you want them to go so that there are witnesses :clapping: ! (That's an unscientific comment, of course, but I hadn't thought of a difference in motivation before.)

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