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BalletMet at the Riffe

Guest sailor

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Hi, all.

Just thought I'd post the performance dates of BalletMet's next programs at the Riffe.

(I believe this is permitted, yes?)

Thursday February 12, 7:30 p.m.

Friday February 13, 8 p.m.

Saturday February 14, 8 p.m.

Sunday February 15, 2 p.m.

Thursday February 19, 7:30 p.m.

Friday February 20, 8 p.m.

Saturday February 21, 8 p.m.

The featured piece is Stanton Welch's beautiful and inspiring "A Time to Dance" set to Dvoräk's memorable Slavonic Dances.

Also included and sure to please are "Colores De Alma" with choreography by Deanna Carter and "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off", choreography by Harrison McEldowney.

I'm told there will be two other surprise pieces on the program.

Hope you all get the opportunity to experience a wonderful and outstanding evening of ballet at its best.

I'll be looking fprward to comparing notes after the programs.


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Hi, Jack, and welcome to Ballet Alert! Thanks for posting this -- yes, it's permitted, and very much welcome.

It would be good to have a post-performance talk, too, although we've never found a good balance to this, to tell you the truth. It can be very valuable to have discussion between audience and artist, but Audience sometimes gets very quiet in such a siituation, and is reluctant to post what they really think.... so we'll have to play this by ear. I hope you understand.

I hope you'll join in our discussions so people will get to know you -- we have several dancers, former dancers, choreographers, ballet masters here, and it usually works out quite well.

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Hi, Alexandra..

I don't want anyone to mistake me for a dancer, even though I would consider it an honor. Something about false pretenses. (There's no chance of that if a photo of me were circulated.) I've always had two left feet and have been pretty much out of balance for quite a few years. :grinning: I'm a 38 waist on my good days.

I guess one could consider me an artist since I have done a bit of lighting for ballets and have had a few of my photos published in Dance Magazine, probably before you were born. (1970s)

I will admit, though that when I met my future wife who was dancing the "Can-Can" in "The Merry Widow", which I was lighting, and finally talked her into going out, I took her to the only place in town with a dance band and we danced the night away. Guess I was dancer enough for her since we celebrated our 40th anniversary last August. :P

People have always said that I am very easy to talk to, so I'll see if we can get some responses after the performances.

Jack "sailor" Kamer or as I'm known at BalletMet, Mr. Daryl. (Yes, she's the Director of the school)

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I hope we will have responses. We've had a couple of inquiries about Ballet Met, as you can see, but not a regular "population" :P That happens with the Net -- you need three people, minimum, to have a lively forum. Let's hope we'll have one.

I'm serious about being happy to host a post-performance chat. If you want to put up a notice somewhere inviting people to log on and come to this forum, maybe we'll stir something up :)

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Alexandra, I'll talk it up over at BMET and maybe we can get Gerard and/or Yo, Daryl and some of the dancers to commit. Maybe even get a little insert in the programs.... Or Gerard might mention it during his curtain speech.

Wow, we might be on to something.


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I hope to hear about the performance. I was originally going up to see them do that program, but I am going to see Dallas Fort Worth Ballet instead because my friend has a contract there for a few months. If they are doing another program I will go up for that. I really wanted to see "A Time to Dance" I hope to hear how it all goes!

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hi, MYBkid..

Glad you asked about future performances by BalletMet.

A great production of "Beauty and the Beast" will be performed at the beautiful Ohio Theatre March 11-14.

Here's the hype from the web page...

The enchanting story of Beauty and the Beast, one of the world's best-loved fairytales, returns to BalletMet with innovative choreography, new costumes, and fresh music performed by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. Following critically acclaimed performances around the world, choreographer David Nixon will stage his updated version of this classic story. For hundreds of years, children have been captivated by the story of Beauty, a beautiful young woman who befriends a pure-hearted beast, and in turn, each falls in love with the soul of the other. Dazzling costumes, breathtaking dancing and a powerful moral combine to create a magical experience. Beauty and the Beast is a testament to the power of the human heart.

Hope you are able to attend.


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MYBkid, for your info and all others, we are going to try to set up a chat time after the Riffe performances where we can all get together and compare notes, experiences and feellings about the ballets.

Watch this space. :D

Hope you enjoy your friend's performances at Dallas-FT. Worth. You'll have to let us know how it goes.


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Thank You Mr. Kamer! If there are no conflicting rehearsals I will be sure to be up. This program I was especially interested in seeing because I found the theme of the night and the whole description of all the works fascinating. I just love creative mixed bills. I just got back from seeing a little of Stanton Welch's choreography on ABT. I have had about a handful of classes with the man and I get the feeling his pieces are just as complex as his classes. Anyhow I will try to see what goes on after the shows. I just realized you were Mr. Kamer (also known as Mr. Daryl):D I need to put on my reading glasses! I hope I am able to get on to hear from her about the program. Thanks again for the information!


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I just saw "Rendezvous at the Riffe" tonight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Personal favorites were "A Time to Dance" (especially because I've danced to "Slavonic Dances" and love seeing how different choreographers and dancers interpret Dvoräk's music) and "Call the Whole Thing Off" (so fresh and entertaining with a lot of great movement along with the comical words :wink: ) I also really enjoyed "Colores de Alma"...I liked the Spanish flavor mixed with classical elements but I appreciated that it wasn't a bit cliché in that aspect (ie Flamenco flavored ballet, generally costumed in black and red)...I loved the earth-tone costumes (esp. oranges and burnt reds). As for the dancers, I was especially impressed by Jamie Dee and Carrie West in "A Time to Dance." Ms. West's petit allegro work in her solo was particularly noteworthy (to me :D) because I expected her to be more the typical beautiful adagio dancer. (I just love versatile dancers! :)) Ms. Dee was just delightful to watch; not only did she possess a very clean technique, but she also drew me in with her sparkling personality. The same can be said for Ms. Mangia and Mr. Howell in "Call the Whole Thing Off." I'm new to seeing this company ("Jewels" was the first thing I saw b/c I'm college student from elsewhere in Ohio), but so far I'm pleased with what I've seen and I'm looking forward to future performances.

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Hello Hjete,

I am so glad you enjoyed Rendezvous!!

I loved Colores-so glad to see more from female choreographers!

A funny side note about Call the Whole Thing Off- the dancers were allowed to create their own monologues, and Patrick Howell's was particularly hysterical, especially about the whole "Nair" thing!! :)

Clara :wink:

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BalletMet's Rendevous at the Riffe is now history and It was a wonderful run.

First of all, I want everyone to understand that though I have seen a whole lot of dance since 1960, I have no formal training. I don't know the names of all the steps, nor could I demonstrate fifth position even to win a bet. :rolleyes:

My artist's eye usually tells me when things look right, however.

Deanna Carter's "Colores de Alma" opened the program and was very beautifully done. The constant movement of dancers in the background was sort of like a Greek chorus. You were aware of this marvelous counterpoint of movement and color going on, but it only served to heighten the enjoyment of the dance. At times all the dancers moved in unison; at others, they moved in canon. Reminded me of waves, and was most pleasing to the eye.

The astounding part was that the piece ran almost 30 minutes, but seemed to take only about 15! To paraphrase..there was never a dull moment.

Dimitri Suslov and Carrie West then treated us to a lyrical, beautifully danced Sleeping Beauty Pas. They were the perfect couple and danced as though there were some inner connection that they deigned to share with us. I don't believe I've seen them dance any better. The coda raised goose bumps.

Derek Sakakura's and Erin Barnard's interpretation of David Nixon's "The Man I Love" was a wonderful Valentine's gift. I fell in love all over again with my wife, the ballet and Gershwin's music. They simply danced beautifully. I will say, however, that the lighting designer in me longed for a deep purple cyc instead of the brilliant red one. Since they both wore red costumes there were times when they almost disappeared into the background.

Justin Gibbs and Christie Mangia were positively delightful in "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off". The extemporaneous speaking they did was hilarious. While one "droned" on, the other danced very expressively. One had no doubt as to what was going on. They had big fun with it and by extension, so did we.

Stanton Welch's "A Time to Dance" certainly lived up to its name. The company danced and danced in some of the most intricate and difficult choreography I've seen. The piece and dancers flowed seamlessly from one movement to the next. Sometimes I wasn't sure we were in the next one! Everyone danced as if there were no tomorrow and kept me on the edge of my seat. It was a true feast for the eyes.

I believe Columbus is fortunate to have a company that can not only do the classics, but will step out and up and present us with new and very different dance. It helps us all to grow and keeps us alive. Stop learning new things and you stop living.


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