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I almost prefer to watch that "less..." group of people Carbro mentions receiving their awards than the actual known entities. I have every bit as much, if not more, respect for their craft than I do for that of the "beautiful people". It might be hard to watch those folks because we've never seen many of them before but in a way, that's what I find them so intriguing.

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Oh, I fear perhaps I am being misunderstood. I value the work done by the costumers and lighting people, the sound editors, etc., without whom there would be no product. The bottom line is, this is an entertainment show above all else (at least that's how I experience it from the vantage point of my sofa), and while the great achievements of the year deserve recognition, the winners tend to lack charisma, and the audience deserves a well-paced show.

I hope that the tradespeople further down -- the ones who toil for endless hours -- receive their thanks privately throughout production process. Do only those whose bosses get the award deserve recognition on tv, to the exclusion of others?

I remember the days before the time limits . . . :rolleyes:

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Yes, there were those shows that seemed to last as long as World War II, and left you just as shellshocked. I also enjoy seeing the editors and the sound guys get their moment in the sun, but there is definitely a limit.

One thing I do miss about those older shows is the flagrant bad taste of the evening gowns. With a few exceptions, you rarely see a lady with that Cher/Geena Davis damn-the-torpedoes flair these days. Everyone tries to be conservative and tasteful, more or less, making me long for the days when the fashions were not internationalized and Nolan Miller and Bob Mackie dominated the scene.

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Ah, you just mentioned two ladies I always enjoyed watching for at the Oscars. My favorite Cher dress was that black beaded see through Aztec look with the towering headress she wore the year she wasn't nominated for Mask. And my favorite Geena Davis is the white ostrich plummy looking creation she wore one year.

Two very smart, savvy women who knew what to wear to assure that their picture would be plastered over the papers and shown endlessly over the airwaves the next day, as opposed to someone who just has bad taste.

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