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someone described to me a tape of Makarova dancing Don Q after her child had been born, as being a very good version. I wonder if this tape is commercially available somewhere? Or was it only showed on TV?

Would be very very interested in getting it.


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I've seen a video of Makarova in Don Q Pas before the birth of her child. I saw Makarova perform the Baryshnikov full length at the MET with Bujones soon after the birth of her son and she danced amazingly. I did not know that there is a video of her in the full length version.

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i am assuming the ref. here is to the DON QUIXOTE PAS DE DEUX

here's one televised version listed in n.y.pub.lib.for perf. arts.

there might also have been another, on a one-time annual event called GALA OF STARS, if mem. serves it might even be w/ NM and A.Godunov, but i'm not sure about that.

in any case these are televised performances but not commercially available ones.

i forget when makarova's son was born.

ABT: Live from Lincoln Center1978.: Telecast on WNET-TV's Live from Lincoln Center in May, 1978.

Executive producer: John Goberman. Producer: Emile Ardolino. Director: Kirk Browning. Intermission director: Robert Schwartz. Writer: Tobi Tobias. Host: Robert McNeill. Performed by American Ballet Theatre.

[NB: this is the DON Q segment, i've left off the other items]

*Don Quixote: Grand pas de deux. Choreography: After Marius Petipa. Music: Ludwig Minkus. Danced by Natalia Makarova, and Fernando Bujones

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