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Casting Director for a Day!

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Wendy & Albert in BUGAKU

Wendy in LA VALSE and as the "black widow" in VIENNA WALTZES (think about it!),

Siren in PRODIGAL, in PRISM, and a new production of GISELLE

Albert in APOLLO and OPUS 19

Pascale van Kipnis as Lilac Fairy


Amanda Edge as Columbine in HARLEQUINADE and Swanilda

Kyra and Darci in EMERALDS

Janie Taylor & Craig Hall in SONATAS & INTERLUDES

Wendy & Adam Hendrickson in PORTE ET SOUPIR

Sylve as Odette /Odile and Elegie in Tchaik SUITE #3

Abi/Janie/Ashley B and Carla K as Aurora

Miranda Weese in anything she wants

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My original post that began this topic seems not to have made it here - I was posting it just as the board went down earlier yesterday.

The only thing I requested was no time-travel. Cast the company with the dancers here and now and at their present age.

Here were mine.

Both Jennie Somogyi and Ashley Bouder in Theme and Variations.

Peter Boal in Orpheus.

Alexandra Ansanelli in Barocco. Her Terpsichore made me think this would be interesting. It's hard to think which woman to pair her with for the other role - maybe Janie Taylor would look good with her?

So who would you like to see dancing what - and why?

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Albert Evans in anything classical, Theme and Variations, Divert. # 15, Chaconne, and so forth. It seems he only get's cast in the black and white or more modern pieces.

First cast Emeralds: Korbes and Somogyi

Second cast Emeralds: Ansanelli and Bouder

Sanquinic in The Four Temperments: Bouder

La Sonnambula: Taylor

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Nichols did indeed dance Emeralds.... and for some time. I remember a performance with Calegari which had McBride and Farrell in the rest of Jewels. it was glorious.

How about Bouder and Somogyi in either Glinka Pas de Trois or Minkus Pas de Trois, Leigh?

Ansanelli, Bouder, and Taylor in the 1953 Valse-Fantaisie?

Korbes in the 1967 Valse-Fantaisie?

Liebeslieder with Somogyi, Sylve, Weese, and Whelan? (that's alphabetical, as are all others, not in order of roles. :P

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The very young Kyra did dance Emeralds, unless I'm halucinating. :yes:

I have Nichols listed for a performance of Verdy's role on 13 January 1985 with Otto Neubert; she would have been in her mid-twenties. Fugate performed the Walking pas de deux with Joseph Duell. Watts/Soto performed Rubies with Kumery, and Farrell/Lavery performed Diamonds.

I've never seen Kistler in any role in Emeralds. I think the combination of the two of them could be beautiful even now, with their beautiful arms, shading, and phrasing, despite their limitations.

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Yes. Nichols was wonderful in this and other Verdy roles--Liebeslieder, Tchaik Pas, the divertissement pdd from Midsummer-- Fugate though not Calegari (who was stellar in the Paul role) was a pleasure to see as usual. Watts, well, if you can't say anything nice... lol. Kumery was good too. speaking of underused dancers...

Less visible dancers than Bouder et al. How about Mandradjieff in various things? she was great in the turns in the Coppelia Waltz-- Saskia Beskow? the ever-neglected Elizabeth Walker, about whom it's been said "she has the technique of an Ashley"?

just once, pretty please, could we have Bouder in Square Dance?

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Tempus, I'm glad I was not the only one to notice Mandradjieff's turns in COPPELIA! Beskow seems to have bloomed lately. Krohn, Golbin and Korbes are three dancers I always keep an eye on...and Amanda Edge has more than proven she can hold the stage in SOIREE, TIN SOLDIER & HARLEQUINADE so I'd like to see her get more opportunities. Of the men, Craig Hall, Orza, Hanna and Sean Suozzi deserve all the opportunities they can get and I always like the way Adam Hendrickson gets a touch of darkness into parts like Puck and SWAN LAKE Jester.

Hankes & Arthurs are intriguing...but where is Sarah Ricard?

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Some wonderful suggestions here!

I truly love Oberon's casting of Evans as Apollo. I'd like to suggest Evans for Rubies, with Ansanelli. I'd add Ballo and the Man in Brown in Dances, Prodigal, and the 2nd or 3rd Sailor in Fancy Free, the pdd man in Mozartiana.

For Korbes, either (or both) roles in Barocco, 2nd (or 1st) Bizet, Sylvia pdd (though rarely done at NYCB), Chaconne :dry:, and most definitely Aurora.

I'll probably be back. :)

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some of my wishes are echoes of others, some not.

First and foremost: Evans as Apollo.

(would also love to see him in Who Cares?)

New cast of The Four Temperaments (this was what i thought about as i went to sleep last night).

Theme 1: Keenan or A. Stafford and J. Stafford

Theme 2: Riggins or Ricard and Hall

Theme 3: Korbes and Ramasar

Melancholic: Hanna

Sanguinic: Taylor or Bouder and Angle

Phlegmatic: Fowler

Choleric: van Kipnis or Bar

Bouder top choices: Rubies, Aurora in SB, Fall in The Four Seasons, Square Dance, any of the Who Cares? leads, Ballo, Tchai. pas de deux, Stars & Stripes main (her SAB role), Valse-Fantaisie

Somogyi top ones: Square Dance (it's about time!), Theme and Variations, Walpurgisnacht lead

Taylor: Chaconne, Symphony in 3 Mov'ts main

Ringer: In G Major, 3rd mov't Brahms-Schoenberg

Korbes top 5: Bizet 2nd mov't, Chaconne, La Sonnambula, Slaughter, in G Major

Arthurs: Slaughter, Divertimento No. 15

Keenan or Ricard: Western 1st, Divertimento No. 15

Hyltin: R&J Balcony Scene (I could see her passion even in a corps role in Carousel), Maria in WSS (with a wig, I guess)

Flynn: Steadfast Tin Soldier (I had to after her Double Feature role)

Abergel: Cortege Hongrois character dance, Swan Lake Hungarian

Rutherford: 3rd mov't Brahms-Schoenberg

In general, I'd like to see more of the girls listed above.

Girls I'd like to see in (more) solos so I can get to *know* them better: Mearns, Muller, Laracey

I'd like to see Les Gentilhommes brought back so we can see more of Higgins, Ramasar, Hall, J. Johnson, Hanna, Fowler, Carmena, etc. I don't really have specific other roles in which I want to see them. I just want to see them!

yes, I have thought WAY too much about this... I'm sure I'll come up with more as I drift off to sleep...


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