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Looking for Teens or Special Groups?


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Guest gingembre

Perhaps you should make the link a sticky? But maybe in a few days you might want to change the title to "Ballet Talk for Dancers" so that new members will find it more easily... :)

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Thanks -- as of five minutes ago, if you click on a bookmark, or otherwise get to the old forum, you'll be redirected automatically to a page with the links to the two new forums on it.

I think we'll keep it Teens and Special Groups, since those are the names of the two groups of forums that are no longer on this board. Ballet Talk for Dancers is a new creation :)

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Could there be a link on each of the new forums to get to the other one (if you see what I mean)-maybe there is one already and I'm being extremely stupid but otherwise I cliked the 'back' button which took me to a page which had expired so !had to re-open my browser and go to ballet alert all over again!!


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Hi, Happy, and welcome to BalletTalk.

The board you are obviously seeking is Ballettalk for Dancers. There is a link atop this page, directly beneath the Amazon banner and one in the post that heads this thread (in big, bold red letters), that will take you there. One simple request: please register with the same screen name you're using here (if possible), so we get a sense of who you are.

Once you're there, the home page has a section "Special Groups," including the Parents' forums. Scroll to around the middle of the page. Not sure if UBA has its own page, but you'll find out once you're registered there.

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