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Whelan/Evans to Answer Questions at NYCBallet.com

Guest aughra

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I just got an email from New York City Ballet that Wendy Whelan and Albert Evans will be answering questions in a Chat on nycballet.com at 7pm tomorrow night (January 21)! It says you have to be registered to use it, but it only takes a few minutes.

I assume most of you are already on their mailing list but I thought that anyone who isnt might like to know! :wub:

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A post on this thread was deleted (to put Mel's remarks in context, and well said, Mel!) and the poster was notified. The post was put up again, and again deleted. Please do not make the same post again. If you wish to know why the post was deleted, please check your email.

Back to the topic!!

justafan, thanks very much for the link to the transcript.

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Thanks for the link!

So Albert Evans loves to cook :thumbsup: It's interesting how many dancers and choreographers love to cook. Another outlet for thier creativity I suppose.

And Wendy Whelan answered the questions about her injury very graciously.

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Just read the transcript...super!

I am very lucky to have met both Wendy and Albert in the course of my work (in retail) and they are among the most interesting, kindest and SEXIEST people I've encountered. And I've encountered a lot of people!! One of my dream castings is Albert & Wendy in BUGAKU...

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