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Pas de trois


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If your are talking about the Shades there is a CD recording from the Sofia national opera that has both Paquita and La Bayadere on it. Paquita is not dance worthy, but I actually used the Pas de trois for teaching. Not too fast or too slow.

Rachel :flowers:

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Don't say that about Paquita! I love it so much! lol... the only thing bad about it is that orchestration of the variations. If you hear other orchestrations it sounds much nicer. I have that same CD.

Are you talking about the Shades Pas de Trois? As in the waltz after the entrance? If you are talking about that then it should be on every CD of La Bayadere.

Going back to that previous CD, I don't like it how Solor's variation appears in that last act. Sometimes in suites of La Bayadere when they only perform the last act his variation appears there but it shouldn't in a CD recording. That variation is for the Gamzatti pas de deux in the second act (sometimes its the third act).

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When that scene is the only scene on the recording, I think it should be. For years, we didn't see full-length Bayaderes and now they're relatively plentiful. When the Shades scene appeared by itself, it was most often set as an "opener". During the 30s and 40s, both Vaganova and Vakhtang Tchaboukiani fiddled with the continuity of that scene for independent production and came up with the formula we hear on the Spassoff recording. If we are purists, we shouldn't even get another reprise of the final valse for Solor before the galop finale.

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