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Student tickets for weeknights?

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Does NYCB have student rates for performances during the week? Also, is it generally possible to buy a ticket at the box office on the afternoon of the performance or are they generally sold out? I'm going to be in New York for a night next week and am hoping to catch them if I can. Also, does anyone know how close Dr. Hamilton's office (it's on 58th St) is to Lincoln Center (that's what I'll be there for) Thanks.

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NYCB does have student tickets, though the availability changes week to week. For instance, this past week, they were available for all shows except the weekend matinees. You can order tickets online (I've had the best luck ordering online just after midnight)or buy them at the box office.

To find out when tickets are available-info for each week is posted on Monday- and to order them online (unitl 3pm) you can go to:


However, if you are going, I would't count on tickets being available in the afternoon. I'm not sure whether by "next week", you mean this coming week or the week of Jan.19, but both may limited as far as student tickets-this week is full of debuts, and the following Thursday is Balanchine's birthday, and is sold out for all but the back of the 4th ring (at least via the web).

Another option, if you might be coming back for another performance, is to join the 4th ring society, which is about $15 for winter and spring seasons, and entitles you to $12 tickets in the 4th ring, which can be bought anytime, for any performance.

As to Dr. Hamilton's office...I've never been there, but if it's on 58th (between 8th & 9th I think), it's about a ten minute walk from Lincoln Center (traffic lights permitting!). If the weather isn't pleasant, you can always hop on the subway at Columbus Circle (59th) and go one stop up to Lincoln Center.

Hope this helps!


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