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Angel Corella


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Long have I been searching for a message board where I could truly be meeted with replies of my currently favourite dancer - Angel Corella.

He and Ashley Tuttle, both principals of ABT, came last winter in December to dance in my school (Ballet Hawaii) production of the Nutcracker. This event is a yearly thing and is preceded by our Sugarplum Gala, which I just delight in attending, because it also serves as an opportune time to speak with actual principals and soloists of ABT, NYCB, and Eliot Feld's Ballet Tech.

Getting back to my awe, I had the chance to attend a class taught by Michael Vernon, a frequent visitor to our studio and former director of the Eglevsky Ballet. In the class though, and somewhat off to the left but always centerstage was - Angel. He pirouetted like he was on an upright axis, six, seven, eight revolutions.. it was amazing just to see him in rehearsal clothes and fresh off the airplane! What was particularly amazing was that while I felt that this was an 'on' day, Mr. Corella started his own pirouettes before and finished after me. The same for jumps (i.e., grand allegro - that sent a few people staggering backwards).

Needless to say, his three performances as the Cavelier were awe-inspiring and breathtaking. A little Marzipan lamb tugged on my Spanish Chocolate tutu and whispered, "Did he jump off a ladder?" Certainly, from the gasps we could hear on stage, it appeared as if he did jump off the top rung of a ladder, only to make his landing quieter than the pouncing cat or the floating feather.

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Hi Lukayev! I used to live in Waipahu and even have an ex-hubby in Pearl City redface.gif (I know, I know....this ISN'T the "Buddy Board"!!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I agree with your comments about Corella! I just wish that he would come and guest with Ballet West! I know he has a sister that is a corp member at ABT - can anyone comment about her dancing? I wonder if she can jump and turn as well as brother? wink.gif

Post again and let us know about the state of ballet on Oahu! smile.gif

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I saw Carmen Corella, Angel's sister, once last autumn during the ABT's Asian tour. She's outstanding as Mercedes in Kevin McKenzie's "Don Q".

By the way, I wrote up my interview with Angel in the January issue of Ballet.co.uk magazine.

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That's an interesting tidbit of info, Yvonne - I'll be glad to keep the board posted on events of ballet on Oahu.. just as a first sort of 'update', Ballet Hawaii is performing its annual Spring performance on Mothers' Day, and I'll be performing 'Dying Swan', Marie Taglioni in 'Pas de Quatre', and the Stepsister in 'Cinderella'. For the evening portion, I'll be in the Black Swan variation from Swan Lake as well. wink.gif Just a shameless post, for those of you out there. smile.gif


"When I get onto stage, I think, I'm dancing on my grave."

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Originally posted by Yvonne:

I know he has a sister that is a corp member at ABT - can anyone comment about her dancing?  I wonder if she can jump and turn as well as brother?   wink.gif

I haven't had an opportunity to notice Carmen's jumps, but she is a turner. I was observing a company class in Costa Mesa, and at the end they had the women doing a "fouette till you drop" exercise. One by one all the company members dropped out, leaving only Carmen turning (with a big, genuine smile on her face). When she finally stopped (cleanly) she got a big hand from the other dancers.


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Hi! I am a big fan of Angel Corella too, and I can imagine how amazing is seeing him in class or rehearsal... How can he do that pirouettes? I really don't know, it is probably genetic! I never saw Angel's sister, Carmen.I would like to see her fouetées... just for curiosity!

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Guest isabellrose

I've seen Angel dance many times and my favorite role is that of the slave in Le Corsaire. I have seen Nureyev and Barishnokov perform the role and Angel's slave is as brilliant as those great dancers!! And to think, he is only 26!! And dances with infectious joy as well!! The New York audiences love him and many gasps are heard

whenever he performs.

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I hadn't seen Angel dance until he was in one of the Royal Ballet's public classes- it was great to see him showing off the the other boys; who could jump the highest, turn the most etc! Great stuff! I know he danced in Don Q, so he will have got the practice those turns a lot!

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Ditto to that Anoushka - the first time I ever saw him was at the RB class as well. Have to admit I didn't recognise him at first - where was that smile?

But he was wonderful in Don Q - he and Alina Cojocaru really brought what many regarded as a rather dire ballet to life. I can't wait until he returns in Feb for Bayadere.

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